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How Does the Nobel Peace Prize Work?

So how does somebody even win a Nobel Peace Prize? Ted-Ed delves into the history of the award (how it is one of the five prizes created by Alfred Nobel, the inventor of dynamite), the nomination process (a bunch of people can nominate somebody including past laureates, university professors, member of governments, and others), and […]

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Fun Video Hilariously Explains What All Those Random Symbols on Sheet Music Mean

This clever video by Julian Cianciolo explains how to read sheet music and is actually much more enjoyable to watch than you’d imagine, especially if you’re a musician who can read sheet music because you can probably understand all the deadpan explanations, layered in-jokes, and trombone quips. Read more… Continue Reading from the Source

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How Does Maritime Law Actually Work?

A country’s territorial waters reach twelve miles off its coast, which means it can make up the rules there. Twelve miles beyond that is the contiguous zone where the country can only enforce laws regarding customs, taxation, immigration, and pollution. Up to 200 nautical miles off the coast is the exclusive economic zone (EEZ), which […]

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Why Is College So Damn Expensive?

College is expensive. Students are in debt. Why? Wendover Productions analyzes what makes higher education so expensive in this country, and some of the reasons he cites you can assume: professors cost money and new facilities are expensive. But a surprising reason why college costs so damn much is that there are more people attending […]

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