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Pantone Beer Packaging by Txaber

Spanish artist Txaber has created a minimalist series of packaging for beer inspired by the famous Pantone color charts. The cans and bottles will use a variety of shades to represent what color the beer is inside. For example a Pale Ale has a light 604C, wheat beer has a somewhat darker 7412C, while an imperial stout has [...]

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Modernica Alpine Table

Taking inspiration from classic methods of manufacturing wooden skis, Los Angeles-based furniture brand Modernica has unveiled the Alpine Table. Using molded plywood construction techniques, where multiple layers of North American Maple form the surface of the table, the piece is handcrafted to form a product that is remarkably durable and sturdy with Walnut utilized on the [...]

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Architects Designed These Intricate Cat Shelters Because Cats

Cat folks know their precious furball deserves the very best, but feral kitties are often left to fend for themselves. So FixNation, a non-profit dedicated to spaying and neutering street felines, commissioned a group of LA-based architects to design custom outdoor accommodations for an event raising awareness—and cash—for their cause. Read more… Continue Reading from [...]

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The Best-Designed Bathrooms in America

The public restroom is not a place worth celebrating, generally speaking. It is a place of absolute necessity, awkward small talk, and worst case scenarios come true. Cintas, a company that specializes in—what else?—bathroom supplies, is dead set on changing that perception. Which is why it sponsors a contest to find the best restrooms in [...]

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AR-15 Rifle Clothes Hangers

In the words of the great Salt ‘n’ Pepa: You’re a shotgun–bang! What’s up with that thang? I wanna know how does it hang? Here, the answer is in the (fire)arms of an AR-15, and– Mama! Hey, get off my laptop! What…what are you writing? Obviously people who rave about telecommuting do not live at [...]

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A Prosthetic Leg For Mountain Climbers, Inspired By Sure-Footed Goats

Mountain goats have an uncanny ability to traverse the steepest of terrains without so much as the slightest misstep. So it only makes sense that if one were designing a prosthetic leg for human mountain climbers they would look towards nature’s masters most sure-footed creations for inspiration. And that’s exactly what designer Kai Lin did [...]

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Madame Sur Villa by Vasily Klyukin

Russian banking magnate Vasily Klyukin brings to us his series of architectural designs for a number of villas that are designed to inspire. The ‘Madame Sur’ villa depicted above exhibits out-of-this-world structural forms composed primarily of fractal polygons in a bold red color. Its prime position overlooking a cliff makes sure that such an attention-grabbing design [...]

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Starwars House by MOON HOON Architects

Turning childhood fantasies into livable homes, Korean architecture firm MOON HOON has created the ‘Starwars House’ for a family in Yongin-si. The three-floor home pays visual homage to a certain longstanding sci-fi series while also acknowledging the client’s childhood dream of being an astronaut. As a result, the ‘Starwars House’ features an angled concrete facade, [...]

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Test Your Endurance on This Ikea Showroom-Turned-Climbing Wall

Lots of us spend a lot of time lounging, sleeping, eating—heck, living out of and off of Ikea furniture. In order to promote a new superstore coming to Clermont-Ferrand in the middle of France, the company installed a fully functional climbing wall of inexpensive modern furniture outside of a cathedral. Spiderman’s new living room? Read [...]

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