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How the Pencil Sharpener Was Invented

For years, the knife was the most commonly used tool to sharpen the wooden writing instrument known as a pencil (which historians believe was invented in the 15th or 16th century). But whittling the wood away to eventually produce a point was a time-consuming, tedious, and inexact process. As pencils became more ubiquitous in everyday [...]

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You’ll Waste Hours Watching the Time Tick By On this Nixie Tube Clock

Though the technology is ludicrously outdated, Nixie tubes have actually remained a popular alternative to LEDs and LCD displays—at least in devices where function follows form. So it’s no surprise that MB&F, known for its over-the-top watches and music boxes , has embraced them on its new Nixie Machine clock that people won’t be staring [...]

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Inverted Skyscrapers Hang Like Glowing Stalactites From Your LED Bulbs

LED bulbs are not only more energy-efficient than the incandescents they’re slowly making extinct, they also run cool to the touch. Which means if you’re bored by their uninspired shape, you can snap on these wonderful 3D-printed hanging skyscrapers that glow like stalactites, turning your living room into an art-deco oasis. Read more… Continue Reading [...]

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There’s an Awesome Tiny Apartment Hidden Inside This 100-Year-Old Turret

For more than a century, the incredible neoclassical turret that crowns Amsterdam’s oldest department store has sat unused. Today, an artist moved in—the tower’s very first resident and the lucky first guest of a program that’s turning the empty structure into a tiny apartment for artists. Read more… Continue Reading from the Source

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A Look inside Artist Xavier Corberó’s Home

NOWNESS provides a candid look at the residence of world-renowned Spanish artist, sculptor and designer, Xavier Corberó. Situated in Esplugues de Llobregat, Spain, Corberó explains that his initial motive to approaching artistic creations such as sculptures, buildings and spaces is to create “poetry.” He further elaborates that his own personal home is like an agenda, [...]

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LEGO Ideas Project “Run–D.M.C.”

Matthias Haun recently created LEGO Ideas: “Run-D.M.C.” – a project that pays tribute to the highly influential rap collective. Made of about 400 LEGO parts, the small play set includes a turntable set, a box of records and an old school boombox. There are three mini-figures of each member: Jason “Jam Master Jay” Mizell, Joseph “Reverend [...]

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BAIT x Medicom Toy 1000% Bearbrick “Headshot”

In celebration of BAIT‘s new Seattle outpost, Medicom Bearbrick is releasing a special edition BAIT x Medicom Toy 1000% Bearbrick in “Headshot.” Following the successful release of the 100% and 400% iterations, the special 1000% edition will be limited to 100 units. This edition will retail for $550 USD on BAITme.com and the four BAIT chapter [...]

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Bad Graphic Design Puns For Designer In-Jokes

Spending hours laboring over an InDesign template can feel like thankless work, especially when your team of oh-so-gifted writers don’t understand the concept of a word limit. But at least while you’re shedding bitter tears for butchered layouts, these design puns will give you something else to groan about. Read more… Continue Reading from the [...]

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New York Photographer Suing Nike for Lifting ‘Jumpman’ Logo

The ‘Jumpman’ stands alongside the Swoosh or the Apple as one of the most recognizable pop culture icons ever created. While many attribute the logo to ingenuity on the parts of Tinker Hatfield, Nike, and Jordan himself, a recently-publicized lawsuit from New York-based photographer Jacobus Rentmeester posits otherwise. According to a new article by The Oregonian, [...]

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