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Retire Early in an Underwater Metropolis

It’s never too early to do a little preemptive retirement or future vacation planning. Japanese construction company Shimizu Corporation aims to jump aboard everyone’s bucket list by delivering plans to build an underwater metropolis by 2030. Aptly named the “Ocean Spiral,” the submerged city would take the form of a floating dome containing businesses, homes, hotels [...]

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Store Everyday Items with Pablolab’s U.tile Magnetic Wall Organizer

Seoul-based design studio Pablolab has released their first product named “U.tile“, which serves as a simple solution for arranging your everyday items. The “U.tile” draws elements from Dorothee Becker’s “Uten.Silo”, which was an earlier arrangement of a similar project, with the later version featuring baskets, baseboard and an integrated neodymium magnet fixed in place using [...]

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It’s Hard To Believe This Gorgeous Home Is Actually a Doll House

If you’re already feeling self-conscious about the tiny one-bedroom apartment you call home, this stunning sixth-scale house designed for dolls or action figures isn’t going to make you feel any better about your living arrangements. But it will give you something to aspire to one day, because this isn’t Barbie’s dream house, it’s everyone’s dream [...]

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Recreational Island House by 2by4 Architects

Constructed back in 2011, the Recreational Island house by 2by4 Architects is something to be admired at any given time. Its simplicity in design, aesthetics and function is what makes this Dutch home special and unique, not to mention the lake-side location and view made crystal clear by the construction’s glass and slide-away walls. Situated [...]

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The Times Resuscitation Building by Nano Architects

Completed in 1967, the Sanno Mansion in Hakata-ward, Fukuoka, Japan was once a state-of-the-art apartment building with telephone switchboard rooms and elevators, both of which were rare amenities at the time. Fast-forward 40 years and it has turned into a dilapidated, neglected building with years of decreased occupancy rate, reduction of rent and declined revenue. [...]

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Kohler Is Manufacturing a Solar-Powered Toilet With The Gates Foundation

Globally, about 2.5 billion people don’t have access to basic sanitation facilities. One of the biggest initiatives to improve this statistic comes from the Gates Foundation, which sponsors an annual challenge to reinvent the toilet. Now big-time bathroom manufacturer Kohler is making one of the winning ideas a reality for rural India. Read more… Continue [...]

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Tactical Holiday Stocking

If you thought your tactical novelties would have to be shelved now that Tactical BBQ Apron-wearing season is over, ThinkGeek is happy to inform you that, au contraire, you can still have a Holly MOLLE Christmas with their Tactical Holiday Stocking. Check out its integrated straps for candy cane insertion. Its swivel carabiner for hearth [...]

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Inside Medium’s Office in San Francisco

This week we take a look inside the inspiring office space of San Francisco-based social platform, Medium. Designed as a free, easy to use web-based outlet for storytellers and journalists alike, Medium allows you to share and read stories from all over the world, making it fun to discover “everyone’s stories and ideas”. With a [...]

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