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House Dornbirn by k_m architektur

Offering some of the most stunning views of the Rhine Valley, Lake Constance and the mountains of Varalberg imaginable is k_m architektur’s House Dornin. Constructed of locally-sourced timber, concrete, copper, and glass, the beautiful family home — completed over the previous two years — sports a floating and cantilevered design that sees its roof canopy [...]

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Solid Silver Anus

I’ve heard of silver dollars, but this is the first silver starfish I’ve ever seen. Clearly, someone figured out that the only better gift for your loved ones than an anus made of chocolate they can eat is an anus made of 55 grams of solid silver they can proudly display on their mantel or [...]

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IKEA’s Wireless Charging Is Almost Like Having Magic Furniture

Cheap and easy wireless charging sounds like Nikola Tesla’s fantasy brought to life. It’s downright futuristic to think your smartphone could suck up juice just by placing it near a power source. And that’s exactly what IKEA wants to do with its new wireless charging devices. Yes, that IKEA—the Swedish furniture empire. Read more… Continue [...]

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Carapace Custom Wetsuits

Southern Californian surf company Carapace Custom Wetsuits offers premium, handcrafted custom-tailored wetsuits that are innovative in both design and functionality. The brand offers high quality wetsuits made of premium neoprene sourced from around the world that are individually cut, double-glued, and hand-stitched with high tensile strength threads. Features include an external key pocket on the side of the knee, a form-retaining wrist seal, [...]

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House Set on the Valley Floor by Jørgensen Design

Enjoy an in-depth look at a new housing project conceived by Jørgensen Design architects. Tucked away in the hills of California, what has been described as, “The House Set on the Valley Floor” features two houses, connected by glass, boasting a low center of gravity. Sturdy walls horizontally stretch across the spacious land, providing ideal natural lighting and [...]

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MINI Has A New Logo

Thinking about the flagship size of its cars, MINI has always seemed to prefer minimal to ostentatious. The brand, which has just taken the wraps off of its largest vehicle to date, has also recently unveiled a new 2D visual identity. For the re-brand, a new custom typeface was developed – MINI Serif – which will [...]

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The Hofit House by Blatman-Cohen Architects

Blatman-Cohen Architects have designed a beautiful home seamlessly merging the interior and exterior, creating a serene aesthetic. Located in Netanya, Israel, the family home is located close to the sea with beautiful views. Huge floor to ceiling windows on the first level ensure that natural sunlight is bountiful in the living room area. Ample wood [...]

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Formlabs Tough 3D Printer Resin

Formlabs made a Rube Goldberg machine using its new Tough Resin. Compatible with the Form 1 and Form 1+ 3D printers, Tough Resin is durable, rugged and flexible, making it ideal for high-impact and high-stress use. Hat Tip Link Link 2 Price: $175/1L Continue Reading from the Source

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