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The City Pipes and Stairways That Get Left Behind and Lead to Nowhere

Cities, like living things, evolve slowly over time. Buildings and structures get added and renovated and removed, and in this process, bits and pieces that get left behind. Vestiges. Just as humans have tailbones and whales have pelvic bones, cities have doors that open into a limb-breaking drop, segments of fences that anyone can walk [...]

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Pencil Lamp

Michael & George’s HB Lamp is a large pencil-shaped lamp with a 26ft. cord snaking out of its tip. The 5.5ft.-tall lamp has a cedar body and a brass ring. You can also customize the color of and the text on its body. Hat Tip Link Price: ~$1,600+ Continue Reading from the Source

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Watch This Cloud Of Rusty Balls Shape-Shift Into an Airborne Labyrinth

The last time we checked in with Plebian Design and Hypersonic, the creative teams had installed an interactive map chandelier in Washington DC that glowed in time with different data sets. For their latest trick, they turned the lobby of a Cambridge, Massachusetts-based biotech company into a similarly mind-bending, shape-shifting display. Read more… Continue Reading [...]

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Alessandro Isola “Stumble Upon” Rug

Seeing a small crease, fold or wrinkle in your carpet or rug tends to be an annoyance that brings out the best in our OCD. With his latest creation, Italian industrial designer and architect Alessandro Isola “enhances those folds and curves creating flexibility and contrast” with the “Stumble Upon” Rug. In using a corner fold [...]

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HUBOPTIC Equalizer Masks

HUBOPTIC creator Jorge Pong has a few ideas for your next DJing gig. Or EDM show. Or killer robot with a soft spot for a heavy bass line costume. His electroluminescent equalizer masks come in both half- and full-face styles, plus about 2 dozen different designs and color combinations. All are fitted with spiffily placed [...]

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Infinity House by AABE Atelier d’Architecture Bruno Erpicum & Partners

A daydream of epic lines and breathtaking views, the Infinity House in Baleares, Spain is the stuff of music video or photo shoot lore. Designed by Atelier d’Architecture Bruno Erpicum & Partners (AABE), the grand edifice was conceived to soak up the balmy Mediterranean sun, playfully bouncing light off of its white walls. Rare Sabine [...]

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Moku’s “Desktop Furniture ” Beautifully Displays Your Tablets and Laptop

Moku’s father-son duo originally launched their first Desktop Chair as a means to display your tablet in a simple yet attractive manner. Successfully crowd-funded, Moku’s aim is to combine industrial design, ergonomics and woodcraft together as one in the pursuit of a better experience with our devices. Currently only one product is available with a [...]

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Four of These Clamps Will Turn Almost Anything Into a Table

Last year, Gizmodo wrote about a Kickstarter for the Floyd Leg, an age-old, simple-as-nails clamp that turns whatever vaguely table-sized piece of material you choose into, well, an actual table. It was a refreshingly simple invention amidst the usual morass of insane vaporware and weird personal projects, and now, it’s a real thing you can [...]

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9 Images of How Kids Played Before Modern Playgrounds Existed

"Playground." The word evokes visions of brightly colored jungle gyms and swing-sets, fenced-off or otherwise protected from dangers of the surrounding real world. But before these kinds of site-specific joy zones, kids kept busy: Playing. On the ground. " Reinventing the Square" is an exhibition that looks at the evolution of public places created specifically [...]

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