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Laser-Accurate Measurements, Bluetooth Speakers, GoPro Kit [Deals]

This laser distance measurer is Amazon’s #1 seller in Home Improvement, and it’s only $79, today only. It can measure distances and areas automatically, and even indirectly calculate the height of objects with the pythagorean theorem. Amazon has never sold it for less than $100 before. [DEWALT DW03050 165-Feet Laser Distance Measurer, $79] Read more… [...]

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As Icahn and Apple Pay fight to take credit, a spin-off won’t solve all PayPal’s problems

Carl Icahn deserves credit for loosening the lid on the eBay-PayPal spinoff jar, after nearly a year of activist shareholder fights in search of that outcome. But as the San Jose company announced today plans to complete the separation by late 2015, it’s Apple’s entrance into the mobile payments market via its newly revealed Apple Pay platform [...]

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Front raises $3.1M to take the misery out of enterprise email through intelligent collaboration

Email has long been the scourge of many office places, with inboxes often resembling warzones of unread messages, stars and tags, missing attachments, and all around chaos around next steps for each item. These problems are only exacerbated when multiple people are included on an email chain. Front is a shared inbox and collaboration platform [...]

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Report: You can startup anywhere, but getting big happens more often in just a few markets

Startup entrepreneurship is en vogue, and the last decade has seen meaningful startup scenes blossom in cities across the country. Boulder, Austin, Chicago, Detroit, Atlanta, Chattanooga, Provo, and so on are all on the rise. With advances in technology and cloud infrastructure, it’s never been easier for “two dudes in a garage” with a few [...]

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Andreessen: High burn rates risk more than just running out of cash

Earlier this month, Benchmark’s Bill Gurley and Union Square Ventures’ Fred Wilson weighed in on the biggest red flag in Silicon Valley. Surprisingly, it wasn’t rising valuations that had the two venture luminaries worried, but swelling burn rates and the implied lack of fear and pragmatism that they signaled among both founders and the boards [...]

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