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Sharethrough launches the Meaningful Content Fund, wants to be the “Secret Santa” of the web

Just like starving children in third world countries, pieces of good journalism going unnoticed online is now a philanthropic issue. On stage at the Native Advertising Summit in San Francisco today, Sharethrough co-founder and CEO Dan Greenberg announced the Meaningful Content Fund, a $1 million effort to push better content online at the expense of all those [...]

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Family feud: Kaskade and his ZEFR-founding bro take different stances on copyright law

Well this could get awkward. Brothers Rich and Ryan Raddon, the former being the co-founder of YouTube rights management platform ZEFR and the latter being better known by his DJ name, Kaskade, seemingly find themselves on opposing sides of the copyright debate. Late last week, Reuters reported that uber-popular YouTube star Michelle Phan is being [...]

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YouTube’s identity crisis: Can it launch a Spotify-style service witout losing its soul?

From the moment cofounder Jawed Karim uploaded the first-ever YouTube video, a grainy 18-second clip shot at the San Diego Zoo, YouTube has been a space dedicated to the most homegrown of creators. It didn’t matter whether you were Lady Gaga or a kid from Arkansas — if the right people found your work and loved it, you could become an [...]

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Jetaport finds its niche in group travel after industry giants ignore this major consumer pain point

For all the innovation in travel in the Internet era, little attention has been paid to the chaotic task of traveling with large groups. Weddings, clubs, corporate retreats – it’s a far more common occurrence than one might realize at first blush, but in almost all cases making arrangements for more than a handful of people [...]

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Trupanion rises in IPO thanks to its data-driven approach to pet insurance

With pets considered by most owners to be indispensable members of the family, it’s counterintuitive that most pet insurance is structured and priced like property. Seattle-based Trupanion launched in 1999 to change that, relying on massive amounts of data and proprietary business intelligence technology to better assess the risk related to each individual pet and [...]

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Process lawmaking: NY financial lawmaker asks Reddit for feedback on virtual currency regulations

Rather than hiding in the relative safety of his regulatory ivory tower, New York Department of Financial Services (NYDFS) superintendent Ben Lawsky is taking the lawmaking process to the streets. Or at least the streets of Reddit. Today, as the NYDFS published a preliminary draft of its proposed BitLicense framework to govern virtual currency businesses, [...]

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No Service? No Problem: GoTenna enables smartphones to communicate off-grid across up to 50 miles

We’ve all been in a situation where we need to communicate but have no cellular coverage. Often it’s a matter of being in a foreign, remote, or highly obstructed area. Occasionally, it means being in a large crowd like at a festival. But in the worst of cases, it means being in a natural disaster-like [...]

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SherpaVentures raises $154M maiden fund to offer a fresh take to value-added venture

SherpaVentures may be founded by two men who have been mainstays in Silicon Valley for the last decade, but the young firm is looking to differentiate itself from the Sand Hill Road firms of yore. Being based in downtown San Francisco helps – but nearly every other top firm now has at minimum an outpost [...]

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