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Zynga alums launch MobLabs, a Venice studio applying game design principles to everyday mobile products

When we use catch-all labels like accelerator, incubator, or studio to describe early stage investing models, it’s easy to forget that each organization is entirely unique. Typically, each is a reflection of its founders, their values and experiences, and their reputation and thus ability to attract talent and capital. Y Combinator and N Combinator (yes, [...]

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JustFab settles deceptive marketing claims with CA district attorneys, pays $1.8M fine

JustFab is on the short list of the most valuable private tech companies in LA. But the subscription ecommerce giant’s rise to this lofty perch hasn’t been without its share of controversy. The company added to that list today with the announcement of a settlement with two California district attorneys following allegations of deceptive marketing. The [...]

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