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JustFab settles deceptive marketing claims with CA district attorneys, pays $1.8M fine

JustFab is on the short list of the most valuable private tech companies in LA. But the subscription ecommerce giant’s rise to this lofty perch hasn’t been without its share of controversy. The company added to that list today with the announcement of a settlement with two California district attorneys following allegations of deceptive marketing. The [...]

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No more clueless meetings. Charlie is a virtual assistant that prepares briefing sheets on every meeting attendee

We’ve all been there, rushing into a meeting with someone we’ve never met, barely sure of their name let alone their professional background or personal interests. It’s a tough place to start a new relationship, and totally avoidable with a little prep. But we’re all busy. If only we were like the President, or anyone [...]

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Vancouver’s Version One Ventures raises $35M to double down on its nomadic, cross-boarder early stage practice

Making the leap from angel investor to institutional VC is never an easy one. Not only is it like going from amateur to professional in terms of your responsibility level to limited partner (LP) backers, but there’s also the challenge of proving you can get access to the same quality of deals and deploy capital [...]

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The programatic story needs to be told: OpenX signals IPO-readiness, hires veteran comms exec Deborah Roth as CCO

The best companies, much like people, grow up over time. One of the clearest signals of this maturation is hiring the kind of experienced leadership capable of operating a business at meaningful scale, both in terms of employee headcount and revenue or customer count. For OpenX, the seven-year-old, Pasadena-based programmatic advertising platform, this maturation meant [...]

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Can the studio model build a billion dollar company? Santa Monica’s Zuma Ventures is the latest to try

Accelerators are so 2011, or so it now seems. Few, save for Y Combinator, have managed to generate true venture caliber returns for the limited partner backers. And there’s only a handful who have shown themselves capable of consistently recruiting and graduating successful and sustainable companies. So its no surprise that many would-be investors are [...]

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