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Uber sued in California by Delhi rape victim, compared to “electronic hitchhiking”

A 26-year-old New Delhi woman has sued Uber in California in response to her alleged December 6 rape by one of the company’s transportation network drivers (full complaint below). Identified only as Jane Doe in the complaint, the alleged victim accuses the company of negligence, fraud, and battery, among other claims. The complaint reads, in part: [...]

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MileIQ raises $11M to take the pain out of mileage tracking and put more cash in users’ pockets

How much would you pay for an app that put more than $500 extra into your pocket each month without any effort or behavioral change on your part? That’s the question that MileIQ users are asking themselves after just a few days of using the mileage tracking and reporting app. The company is not revealing [...]

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Uber aims to squash its off-duty insurance problem with per-mile coverage from Metromile

Uber may have finally solved one of the thorniest issues facing its US driver-partners: insurance. The company has been routinely criticized for the ambiguity of its insurance situation, including what commercial liability coverage it provides drivers while they are transporting passengers and how that dovetails with a driver’s own personal automotive coverage for the rest [...]

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HelloTech raises $2.5M to bring on-demand convenience to in-home IT support

It’s not just transportation and food delivery that are going on-demand today. Increasingly, most service categories can benefit from the friction-reducing effects of modern, smartphone-powered booking and the flexibility of a dynamic workforce. The latest category to join the revolution is home IT support, thanks to the launch of Los Angeles-based HelloTech. The company today [...]

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Epoxy partners with top MCNs to makes multi-platform content management less of a pain

With the emergence of online video stars that rival traditional Hollywood celebrities in popularity and influence, it’s no surprise brands are turning to digital platforms to reach consumers. But with fans spread across YouTube, Instagram, Vine, Twitter, and Facebook, it’s harder than ever to manage and measure the impact of these brand messages. Epoxy is [...]

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Your Favorite Logitech Gear, Discounted

If there’s one thing we’ve learned from posting deals for nearly two years, it’s that you all love your Logitech gear. Whether you need a speaker system for your computer, a keyboard for your tablet, or a really great mouse, you’ll find great deals in today’s Amazon Gold Box. Read more… Continue Reading from the [...]

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Kleiner may not be acquiring Social+Capital Partnership, but don’t rule out M&A among VC firms

In the highly competitive world of venture capital, firms of all sizes are looking for an edge for getting into the best deals. The problem is, there’s only so much you can control in this industry and often times luck plays a major role in separating winners from losers. The one thing that VCs can [...]

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SuiteHop is a ticketing service that sells unused suite spots in NBA, NFL and NHL stadiums, which normally only take annual reservations for the coveted spots. You can book individual seats or entire suites. Hat Tip Link Continue Reading from the Source

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Coinbase wins the race to launch the first regulated US bitcoin exchange

When it rains, it pours – bitcoin exchanges, that is. Just 72-hours ago, there were no regulated bitcoin exchanges based in the US. Today, we are hours away from having at least one and there are several other high-profile project in the works. According to a report by the Wall Street Journal, Coinbase will debut a licensed US [...]

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