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With rabid overseas demand, home design favorite Houzz looks to triple its international reach in 2015

After getting a taste of international operation in 2014, Houzz is going back for a second helping in 2015. With overseas outposts currently in the UK, Australia, Germany, and France, the home remodeling and design community will expand its footprint into a total of 15 non-US markets in the first half of 2015 with its [...]

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Flowboard presentation product renamed FlowVella, ushers in the post-tablet era of digital storytelling

What’s in a name? Flowboard, the upstart presentation and storytelling platform, is betting today that a beloved product is more important than the branding with which it’s adorned. To that end, the company is changing its name to FlowVella – with inspiration from the short story format, novella. The move was motivated in part by [...]

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Got startup data? Mattermark raises a $6.5M Series A to keep VCs in the know

Danielle Morrill has become a mainstay in the Twitter feeds and email inboxes of Silicon Valley’s most powerful individuals. As the CEO of deal intelligence startup Mattermark, Morrill has parlayed her incessant curiosity and love of data – “I do spreadsheets in my spare time for fun,” she tells me – into a thriving subscription [...]

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