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Crazy, or crazy brilliant? Change Lane looks to Uber-ify oil changes

There’s ambitious startup ideas and then there’s those ideas that defy logic. But it’s these crazy businesses, when they pan out, that turn out to be the unicorns that disrupt industries and define venture capital portfolios. Uber convincing open-road loving Americans to give up their cars in favor of ride-sharing is one example of an [...]

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Jack Erwin grabs $9 million and 135 years of retail experience in Brown Shoe-led Series A

It’s no secret that building an ecommerce business is hard. It’s a task that becomes even more difficult when combined with the challenge of building a fashion brand at the same time. And yet, this is exactly the challenge that upstart New York City-based online men’s footwear brand Jack Erwin is currently tackling. The good news is shoes has been [...]

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CrowdFlower raises $12.5M Series C to keep bad data from derailing big data projects

A few years ago, “big data” was a bleeding edge concept relevant only to the titans of the technology industry. Today, collecting and extracting business intelligence from massive data stores is status quo for everyday corporations far from Silicon Valley. But with this shift, and with an explosion in the volume of data created on [...]

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Gurley and Wilson point to sky high burn rates, not valuations as the red flag in Silicon Valley

Silicon Valley is no stranger to cries of “bubble!” and the usually accompanying concerns over crazy valuations. But these claims come more often from outside the industry – the media, Wall Street, and internet commenters – rather than via introspection by investors and entrepreneurs living within the echo chamber. In a departure from this well [...]

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Apple leaves PayPal out in the cold with an omission from its list of preferred Apple Pay payment platforms

Nobody likes to be left out when the cool kids send out invitations to the hottest party. That’s exactly where PayPal finds itself today as details emerge of Apple’s list of preferred payments platforms for merchants looking to support its recently announced Pay (or Apple Pay) product. According to Apple’s Developer guidelines for Apple Pay, [...]

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