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We’re still here: PayPal reasserts itself with new NFC payment terminal and splashy acquisition

Apple Pay may have dominated the payments headlines in recent months, but PayPal is once again making its presence felt. And unsurprisingly, the bulk of the company’s latest moves appear aimed at regaining whatever turf it ceded, at least in public perception, to Tim Cook and company. Y Yesterday news leaked that the soon-to-be-independent PayPal [...]

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Bitcoin derivatives leader Tera Exchange agrees to reverse merger as a path to a public listing

Bitcoin’s derivatives leader is going public – but not in the way you’d expect. Tera Group has announced a planned merger with MGT Capital Investments, a NYSE MKT-listed online gaming company. The transaction is a reverse merger that will see Tera assume a 70 percent controlling stake in MGT and, as such, is intended solely as [...]

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Barry Silbert’s BIT wins the race to become the first publicly traded bitcoin investment vehicle

Even for those investors interested in finding exposure to bitcoin, you could forgive them for feeling skeptical about even the most high profile of exchanges within the category. Bitcoin exchanges have proven a high profile target for hackers and internal fraud, with many of the most widely traded platforms falling victim to such attacks. But [...]

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Courts deem CallFire a common carrier, setting a major precedent at intersection of telecom and tech law

CallFire scored a legal victory today that could have significant downstream implications for the broader technology and telecom industries. In the case Rinky Dink, Inc. vs. Electronic Merchant Systems, heard in the US District Court for the Western District of Washington, two plaintiffs claimed that CallFire had violated the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA), the [...]

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Kim Dotcom’s Mega is dropped by PayPal over end-to-end encryption, may adopt Bitcoin instead

Mega, the end-to-end encrypted cloud storage platform founded by mercurial entrepreneur and occasional outlaw Kim Dotcom, is back in the news. This time, the company’s primary adversary is PayPal, which earlier this week cancelled its payments processing contract. In a blog post on the news, Mega writes: Eventually PayPal made a non-negotiable decision to immediately [...]

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Twenty20 raises $8M, removes the velvet rope on its crowdsourced stock photo platform

Twenty20 has long hinted at ambitions to reshape the way stock photography is sourced. But for the better part of its three years in operation, the company has looked, at least from the outside, more like a photo enthusiasts community, akin to early Instagram or VSCO today. If only we could have seen this duck’s [...]

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Do you know what your stuff’s worth? Trov raises $6.5M to reinvent insurance for the mobile generation

Millennials, the largest generation since the Baby Boomers (their parents), have almost no relationship with the insurance industry. This is in part due to low rates of home ownership –and a general malaise toward renter’s insurance — but also due to the fact that the insurance industry has yet to deliver a solution that speaks [...]

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Always inept Bitcoin Foundation badly bungles board vote, asks for a do-over

Stop me if you’ve heard this one before: a faulty and poorly tested voting platform has compromised a high-profile election. The issue this time isn’t “hanging chads” and the offices at stake aren’t quite as critical as the President of the United States. Rather, the Bitcoin Foundation is hosting a run-off election to fill two [...]

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