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Report: FL man fatally shot after urging driver not to do donuts in a Mustang

Filed under: Weird Car News Bradley Holt (pictured), the older half-brother of University of South Florida freshman quarterback Quinton Flowers, was killed in a random act of violence last week. The 24-year-old Holt was throwing a football around with local kids in Allapattah, a neighborhood in Miami, when a yellow Mustang showed up and started [...]

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This $150 Hack Can Crack a Safe

It might not look much, with its plain 3D printed arms and cables hanging free, but this little guy can punch well above its weight. Made up of components worth an estimated $150, this auto-dialler can do the same job as a machine worth tens of thousands: it can crack a safe. Read more… Continue [...]

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Ex-CEO of red-light camera company indicted on corruption charges

Filed under: Government/Legal, Safety A former chief executive officer of one of the world’s largest makers of red-light traffic cameras was indicted on federal corruption charges Wednesday, along with two city officials in Chicago. A federal grand jury returned a 23-count indictment against the three, alleging that ex-Redflex CEO Karen Finley provided approximately $570,000 in [...]

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A Counterfeit Ring Behind $77 Million in Fake Bills Finally Got Busted

For years, the Secret Service has been tracking down the legendary "Russian-Israeli Note," one of the most sophisticated and common fake Benjamins ever made. This high-tech international ring was finally busted and indicted this week, thanks to years of good old-fashioned surveillance and legwork. Read more… Continue Reading from the Source

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Rand Paul Has a White Supremacy Problem

Sen. Rand Paul has a white supremacy problem, and it isn’t MSNBC’s (completely true) “lousy lies” about the Civil Rights Act, or his defense of the Southern Avenger, or his dad’s racist newsletters. Instead, it’s with his devotion to protecting the white supremacist status quo, even as he attempts to surgically cut away some of its negative effects. [...]

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Trio of cheesy classic VW buses stolen, recovered

Filed under: Classics, Minivan/Van, Etc., Government/Legal, Marketing/Advertising, Volkswagen Three customized Volkswagen Buses (pictured above) made to look like blocks of Tillamook cheddar cheese are safe again after being stolen on July 12, and two men are in police custody for the alleged theft. The cheesy cadre of VWs, their custom trailer and a Ford F-350 [...]

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Meet Shelby Mustang GT500 Miller, Iowa’s latest hatchet-wielding criminal

Filed under: Government/Legal Well, we’ve found the long-lost cousin of yesterday’s Bentley-tattooed criminal from Florida. This is Shelby Mustang GT500 Miller. No, seriously. While his name seems just like the sort of thing we’d expect the Sunshine State to produce, he actually hails from Iowa. Despite coming from the Hawkeye State, Miller was arrested for [...]

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This FL man accused of stealing drivers licenses has best tattoo ever

Filed under: Government/Legal, Bentley, Porsche Bentley and Porsche are two of the jewels in Volkswagen Group’s luxury brand crown, but in Florida they also have a very tenuous connection with crime. With his multiple face and neck tattoos, including a Bentley logo right between his eyes, Derek Denesevich (pictured above) has been charged with the [...]

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