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What you missed on 7.30.14

Filed under: Classics, Coupe, Hybrid, Sedan, Performance, Truck, Auctions, Chevrolet, Nissan, Rumormill, Electric, Diesel Nissan lets us sample a diesel Frontier prototype Hey. You. Yeah, you. Do you think Nissan should build a midsize pickup truck with a diesel engine? Yeah, so do we. And we just got the chance to drive just such a [...]

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Icon Helios streamliner with Tesla bones is a dream from which we don’t want to wake

Filed under: Concept Cars, Classics, Coupe, Tesla, Design/Style, Electric When it comes to truly, genuinely interesting automotive design and craftsmanship, Icon is one of the finest outfits in the game. We’ve covered the company and its founder, Jonathan Ward, in the past, and have remarked on just how fully and intricately done the automotive art [...]

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‘Blood Muscle’ auction to sell impressive collection of ill-begotten classic cars

Filed under: Classics, Convertible, Coupe, Performance, Auctions, Government/Legal, Chevrolet, Ford The old saying goes that if you can’t do the time, don’t do the crime. But being a criminal can involve more than just taking a trip to the big house; it can also mean losing possessions purchased from any ill-gotten gains. Still, one man’s [...]

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eBay Find Of The Day: 1988 Saleen Ford Mustang General Tire 21R race car

Filed under: Motorsports, Coupe, Auctions, Ford, Racing Saleen may be making headlines these days for working on the Tesla Model S, but its history and bread-and-butter is all about the Ford Mustang. The rear-wheel-drive Dearborn pony cars singlehandedly put the company on the map in the ’80s. Founder Steve Saleen was already a talented American [...]

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Future – Coupe [Download]

Future released an animated video which featured a new song, “Coupe“. The video originally came out on Adult Swim Singles. The new Future is now available on Soundcloud for streaming and free download. Check out “Coupe“ above. Free Download: Future – Coupe Follow @Andy_DJTT Continue Reading from the Source

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Translogic 155: 2014 Cadillac ELR

Filed under: Coupe, Hybrid, Videos, Cadillac, Translogic For the past decade, Cadillac has been searching for ways to breathe life into its lineup of luxury sedans and SUVs. While it has enjoyed recent success with the CTS and Escalade, brand perception still skews older and stuffier than Caddy’s German and Japanese counterparts. Can the electrified [...]

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Jaguar teaches Mena Suvari and Sebastian Stan how to drive the F-Type

Filed under: Coupe, Performance, Videos, Jaguar, Celebrities Automakers conduct driver training programs on racing circuits around the world for a variety of participants: journalists, customers, even celebrities. And at a recent session of the Jaguar Performance Driving Academy at the Circuit of the Americas in Austin, Texas, the Leaping Cat marque had a couple of [...]

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Bentley designer hints at even faster Continental GT3-R

Filed under: Coupe, Performance, Bentley Does Bentley have room in its Continental GT lineup for an even more extreme version than the new GT3-R? Luc Donckerwolke seems to think so. Speaking with Autocar, the Bentley design chief suggested that an even more performance-focused Continental GT could be in the works, potentially ditching the heavy all-wheel [...]

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Will this 1966 Ferrari three-seater surpass $20M at Pebble Beach auction?

Filed under: Classics, Coupe, Performance, Auctions, Ferrari, Luxury With a week of lavish automotive events coming up centered around the Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance in August, some of the highest profile auto auctions in the world are about to take place. Hearing about Ferrari Testa Rossas and 250 GTOs going for tens of millions of [...]

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