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Leno drives Volvo P1800 from Roger Moore’s The Saint

Filed under: Classics, Coupe, Videos, Volvo, Celebrities, TV/Movies Outside of a few notable exceptions, Volvo usually isn’t associated with making beautifully curvaceous vehicles. But in the 1960s and early ’70s the company proved with the P1800 that its cars didn’t only have to be safe but staid family transportation. Underneath that shapely styling were a [...]

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Xcar goes analog with the Ferrari F40

Filed under: Classics, Coupe, Performance, Videos, Supercars, Ferrari, Autoblog Black We will forever be in love with the Ferrari F40. From its blunt-force appearance to its 2.9-liter twin-turbocharged V8 engine living and breathing perilously close to the driver’s head, the F40, the last model designed and built with input from Enzo Ferrari himself, has been [...]

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Online Find of the Day: Lexus-engined Mercedes pickup is a vintage hybrid

Filed under: Aftermarket, Car Buying, Classics, Truck, Auctions, Etc., Mercedes-Benz, Specialty You have to love someone who gets incredibly committed to a very weird idea. What you see for sale here is a right-hand drive 1971 Mercedes-Benz 220D in South Africa, but this old Mercedes is now converted into a pickup, complete with bed cover, [...]

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Aficionauto drives Vin Diesel’s fast and furious 1970 Dodge Charger

Filed under: Aftermarket, Classics, Coupe, Performance, Videos, Dodge, Celebrities, TV/Movies The Aficionauto host Christopher Rutkowski has a real passion for original and replica cars from movies and television, whether they are from James Bond, Jurassic Park, or incredibly obscure Japanese shows. However, he might have outdone himself this time because he hopped into one of [...]

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Rowan Atkinson crashes at Goodwood Revival

Filed under: Motorsports, Classics, Ford, UK, Celebrities To quote Harry Hogge (played by Robert Duvall) in Days of Thunder, “rubbin, son, is racin’.” That can mean some unfortunate damage to high-end racing machinery, which may be repaired easily enough in stock car racing, but when it comes to vintage racing, the stakes can be that [...]

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Leno samples Corvette Z06, steam cars, supercars and the wonders of Pebble Beach

Filed under: Classics, Videos, Chevrolet, Misc. Auto Shows, Alfa Romeo, McLaren While Jay Leno’s Garage was conceived to highlight the wonders of The Big Chin’s eponymous storage facility, Leno does occasionally get out an into the larger world. Pebble Beach and the festivities around Monterey recently provided a great excuse for a road trip, and [...]

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Autoblog remembers its favorite Ferrari models of the Montezemolo Era

Filed under: Classics, Convertible, Coupe, Performance, Supercars, Ferrari, Luxury Italian cars have a reputation for drawing out the fiery, emotional and passionate sides of car enthusiasts – something that becomes abundantly clear when you ask a group of Autoblog editors to rank a list of their favorites. With the departure of Luca di Montezemolo from [...]

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Mazda Miata ‘fathers’ Hall and Case offer a tour through the roadster’s history

Filed under: Classics, Convertible, Performance, Videos, Mazda, Design/Style The original Mazda Miata broke onto the automotive scene in 1989 and was a huge success. However, the convertible’s genesis goes all the way back to the early ’80s. Bob Hall and Dean Case were among the inside men of the program on the US side, and [...]

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Series III Land Rover gets adventurous with Petrolicious

Filed under: Classics, SUV, Videos, Land Rover, Luxury, Off-Road Petrolicious has established quite a reputation as a producer of gorgeous videos that focus on rare, exclusive performance machines. That reputation isn’t enough to preclude the video junkies to ignore the awesomness that is an old Land Rover on sand dunes, though. This week, Petrolicious interviewed [...]

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