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Chrome Bug Makes It Easy to Download Movies From Netflix and Amazon Prime

For the past decade, Hollywood’s battle against online pirates has been mainly been focused on leaked DVD screeners and illegal streaming sites. Now a pair of security researchers say they’ve discovered a vulnerability in the Google Chrome browser that allows people to save illegal copies of movies from streaming sites like Netflix and Amazon Prime. […]

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Android Apps Turn Chromebooks Into Macbook Killers

When Chromebooks launched in the summer of 2011, they seemed destined to fail, much like the underpowered, internet-dependent netbooks that came before them. But in the five years since, Chromebooks have defied expectations, becoming the most used device in US classrooms and even outselling Macs for the first time this year. Still, people complain about […]

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Toyota takes chrome Mirai to Gurston Down Speed Hill Climb

Filed under: Green,Motorsports,Videos,Toyota,Alternative Fuels,Green Automakers,Hydrogen Toyota entered its fuel cell Mirai in the Gurston Down Speed Hill Climb, marking the car’s UK motorsport debut. Goodwood is next. Continue reading Toyota takes chrome Mirai to Gurston Down Speed Hill Climb Toyota takes chrome Mirai to Gurston Down Speed Hill Climb originally appeared on Autoblog on Mon, […]

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Off the Record History Temporarily Stores Incognito Browsing History Until You Close Chrome

Chrome: Incognito mode in Chrome is great, but one downside is the fact Chrome doesn’t keep any kind of history when you’re using it. That’s great most of the time, but sometimes you do want that history. Off the Record History creates a temporary history file in incognito mode for just those reasons. Read more… […]

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