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China probing German automakers over spare parts

Filed under: Car Buying, China, Government/Legal, Audi, BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Luxury The Chinese market has proven to be a boon to German luxury automakers. However, the way that the companies have allegedly been controlling their supply of spare parts has begun to draw the ire of the nation’s government. According to insiders speaking to Bloomberg, officials [...]

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How cars are being exported individually and why carmakers are upset about it

Filed under: Car Buying, China, Government/Legal Cars are expensive in China, especially if they happen to wear the badge of a prestigious manufacturer. As we’ve pointed out before, the price of a Range Rover over in the People’s Republic sits at the equivalent of about $450,000, despite its US starting price of $84,225. In addition [...]

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Chomping at the (Fit)bit: Xiaomi releases a $13 fitness tracker

Xiaomi started off as a smartphone-maker that offered well-designed products for a fraction of the cost of its better-known competitors. Then it released a smart television set that led Pando to label it “one of the world’s most interesting tech companies.” Today it took another step forward with the Mi Band, a fitness band that also acts [...]

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Apple tells China it never tracked iPhone users, even though it totally did in 2011

Does the iPhone’s location-tracking functionality make it a “national security threat” by potentially revealing state secrets? That’s what a Chinese broadcaster claimed last Friday. Now Apple has now weighed in, but its response, to say the least, is a little disingenuous. In a statement on its website, Apple says that it has “never worked with any government agency from any country to [...]

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Why Elon Musk is right about batteries being the future of automobiles

Filed under: EV/Plug-in, AutoblogGreen Exclusive, China Recently, I visited the China International Battery Fair in Shenzhen. This is perhaps the largest battery show in the world, with over 980 exhibitors covering three-quarter of a million square feet. The three-day exhibition was followed by a three-day conference on battery technology and innovation drawing battery scientists from [...]

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