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Anti-burn: How bootstrapped Zoho survived two tech bubbles and became a massive success

Silicon Valley has been up in arms of late over burn rates. With private companies raising larger rounds at higher valuations than ever before and chasing broader market opportunities than possible in the past, it’s no surprise that entrepreneurs are spending at an unprecedented rate to grow as fast as they can. But, despite these understandable circumstances, [...]

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IT’s best friend: PagerDuty raises $27.2M Series B to help all companies manage infrastructure like Amazon

Managing IT infrastructure, be it hardware or software, is no longer confined to just so-called technology companies. In today’s age, nearly every company in the world relies on technology to run its business. And with the rise of the cloud, virtualization, and mobile, these systems and software are more distributed, operate at greater scale, and [...]

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Sorry, Dan Primack: Going public doesn’t help the country. Building great companies does

Listen up founders. If your company is still private, Fortune’s Dan Primack has got a bone to pick with you. In Dan’s world – you know, the world where he’s good friends with bankers and hedge funds from Wall St. to Greenwich, and in which he’s never run a company a day in his life – companies are [...]

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Oracle will enter the cloud when Larry’s good and ready. Uh oh, he’s ready

For years, Oracle has slow-played “the cloud,” focusing on selling traditional “on-premise” solutions and failing to deliver forward-looking products in many key categories. This pattern has lead many observers and critics to claim that Larry Ellison simply doesn’t get the cloud or that Oracle’s age of enterprise dominance was coming to a close. How wrong [...]

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Watch the full fireside chat with Box CEO Aaron Levie at Southland

Yesterday we wrapped up our Southland tech/music/culture conference with a series of great interviews, startup demos, and a hell of a rock show. The day kicked off with an entertaining and enlightening fireside chat with Box CEO Aaron Levie, who’s found himself in the news lately thanks to a planned IPO that ran into a bout [...]

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Box’s Aaron Levie: Public market corrections are par for the course

Wall Street and the technology industry have long had what one might describe politely as a rocky relationship. Since the dot-com bust, the Street has seemed intent to never again fall into the same trap of over-exuberance, and is thus wary of anything that even smells like tech. The latest evidence of this theme is [...]

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Box’s Aaron Levie: The NSA not only threatens privacy — It threatens the global economy

The NSA leaks have made for some of Southland’s biggest news, from Al Gore saying he doesn’t think Snowden is a traitor to Aaron Levie today calling on the US to understand how such spying could impact the global economy. Levie and Sarah Lacy chatted about the longer term implications of the “surveillance Internet” and [...]

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Aaron Levie on Mark Cuban: “It was obviously scary that a billionaire was asking for his money back.”

As Pando has tackled before, Box is the unicorn that Mark Cuban let get away. Cuban was the first investor in the cloud storage company, but pulled his $350,000 from the company when it tacked toward a freemium model, offering customers 1GB of free storage space upfront. As Box prepared for its now in question IPO, Cuban’s [...]

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Aaron Levie’s run of bad timing may ultimately cost Box its IPO moment

Poor Aaron Levie. That was my first thought when I started seeing signs over the last few weeks of the softening enterprise tech market on Wall Street after it seemingly peaked in March. Now we have reports in the WSJ that Box will likely delay its long-anticipated IPO until at least June. The Journal further reports [...]

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