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Maybe Box’s business model isn’t so crazy after all

For Box, the enterprise-storage company that went public in January, the second time may prove to be the charm. After its first earnings report saw the stock tumble 13 percent three months ago, the company’s earnings unveiled Wednesday afternoon prompted a 10-percent rally in the stock in after-hours trading. And that’s on top of a [...]

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Would you rather be a real millionaire or a paper billionaire? The psychology of unicorns and the toll on Q1 returns

Which would you rather be: Someone who knows that they are worth millions of dollars, or a person who has been told that they are worth billions? Human nature would tell you the former. Most people would prefer the certainty of money now versus the uncertainty of more in the future. It’s the thinking that has [...]

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Sorcery! Bloomberg apparently just learned how venture capital works

Apparently someone at BloombergBusiness — the magazine formerly known as BusinessWeek —  just graduated from their VC as a Second Language course. What other reason could there be for publishing this embarrassingly dumbed down and altogether alarmist guide to the lingo and deal terms that are widely known to anyone who has spent any time [...]

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Wall St asks Box, what have you done for me lately? Punishes stock after first earnings report dissappoints

Remember the collective euphoria and high-fiving after Box emerged from its pre-IPO fog and delivered a massive pop on listing day? Well it didn’t last long. The company delivered its first quarterly earnings report as a public company today and the Street wasn’t impressed. If you recall, Box got its first taste of public company [...]

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Peak hubris? Source says Snapchat is asking its next round of investors to buy common stock

With each new mega-valuation and unicorn anointment, inevitably comes questions about whether Silicon Valley and the technology startup ecosystem at large have lost their damn minds. The skeptics are quick to ask: How can an unprofitable company that didn’t exist 18 months ago, or that less than a decade ago was selling boxes of cereal [...]

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Emergence Capital’s Gordon Ritter talks focus and customer intimacy on the eve of his firm’s $335M fourth fund

Investors regularly tell entrepreneurs to focus on being world class at one thing. Yet, it’s advice they rarely follow themselves, with most firms investing across disparate categories like consumer internet, mobile, enterprise, healthcare, hardware, and even cleantech. Emergence Capital Partners, has been a model of focus, calling earlier than most the cloud revolution that would [...]

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Box does something radical: It gives businesses control over their own data

Box has announced a new service meant to convince large businesses it’s safe to move their data to the cloud. It’s called Enterprise Key Management, and it uses a public key program which encrypts the sensitive information and keeps track of who has requested access to it. The service could also provide the added benefit of making [...]

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Gainsight grows revenue 357% as customer success becomes a key focus across the enterprise

With SaaS adoption exploding across the enterprise, it’s little surprise that the tools and platforms that support these businesses are seeing similar success. This is very much the case for Gainsight, the customer success company, which today announced that it grew revenue an astonishing 357 percent in 2014, while increasing its customer base to 150, [...]

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