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Diplo re-releases ‘Flor1da’ via BitTorrent Paygate Bundle

Dancing Astronaut – EDM, trap, techno, deep house, dubstep The means by which we acquire music is ever-changing. From weekly vintage record store visits to simply clicking download on your preferred digital platform, artists are embracing innovative and convenient ways to get their craft to your ears, and gain fairer compensation for their work. Diplo [...]

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Cut Copy's Stop-Motion Music Video Is Made With Cute 3D Printed Figures

Australian synth-pop dance machine Cut Copy just dropped a new music video for its song “Explorers” which is made with 3D-printed figures that play the faceless, adorable leading roles. It’s really charming, but better still, the band and production company are making it easy for you to remix the video to your hearts content. It’s not just a fun video concept, it’s a killer song, too.

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