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Beatport releases free BitTorrent starter pack for producers

Beatport has released a free production starter pack as a BitTorrent bundle. The pack, which contains over a gigabyte of free samples and tutorials, is part of Beatport’s efforts to bring in aspiring producers to its music retail platform and draw attention to its production-tool outlet, Beatport Sounds. This move comes during difficult times at Beatport, which […]

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KRNE crafts an impressive, dark statement with new eight-track EP ‘Debris’

Oakland-based KRNE boasts a sound that can be found somewhere between the future and dark sides of breakbeat electronica. No matter the specific style, his productions always have that distinct crispness only achievable through blood, sweat, and tears. KRNE’s new eight-track EP, Debris, shows just how wide his aural tastes and production prowess range. With a refined sense of musicality throughout, Debris keeps the listener guessing with […]

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Watch the Original Star Wars Trilogy As It Was Before George Lucas Screwed It Up

Since 1997, George Lucas has been hell bent on ruining the original Star Wars trilogy. Every new release—in theaters, on DVD, and on Blu-Ray—comes with more added garbage than the last. This fan-made version of the original trilogy is the best version of Star Wars you can watch. Read more… Continue Reading from the Source

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Cut Copy's Stop-Motion Music Video Is Made With Cute 3D Printed Figures

Australian synth-pop dance machine Cut Copy just dropped a new music video for its song “Explorers” which is made with 3D-printed figures that play the faceless, adorable leading roles. It’s really charming, but better still, the band and production company are making it easy for you to remix the video to your hearts content. It’s not just a fun video concept, it’s a killer song, too.

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Moby embraces the future in releasing ‘Innocents’ BitTorrent Bundle

Moby has long been a progressive figure in the dance music universe, standing up for causes like veganism, animal rights and net neutrality. Now he’s championing BitTorrent as a means to release music into an ever-evolving digital world, making the stems for his latest album Innocents available for fans to remix without legal restraint as a BitTorrent Bundle.

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