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World’s Fastest Mountain Biker

Donning a special suit, and battling fierce winds, 54 year-old stuntman Eric Barone broke his 2000 downhill mountain bike speed record by riding his bike down a mountain in the French Alps, hitting an blistering top speed of 138.75mph. Hat Tip Link Continue Reading from the Source

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Beat Down

(NSFW) Two bikers get in a no-holds-barred race down the hills of Moab, Utah. No rules, no roads, no fear. A hell of a stunt film from Camp 4 Collective.  The song is Behind the Crooked Cross by Slayer. Hat Tip Link Continue Reading from the Source

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​The Crazy Tech Copenhagen Uses To Make Itself a Biker’s Wonderland

Copenhagen has become a place that’s globally synonymous with great cycling culture. Yet the city is not coasting on its laurels, it’s always introducing new features, from gorgeous new bridges to street-embedded lighting. Here’s a video tour of all the city’s newest biking innovations. Read more… Continue Reading from the Source

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Why Don’t More Cities Have E-Bike Shares?

This week, Madrid became the first European city to launch a fully electric bike share system for its residents. It works just like a regular bike share, but better: An electric motor kicks in to help with pedaling, and most importantly, give you an extra push up hills. Why isn’t this standard for bike shares [...]

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Build Your Summer Manifesto

The warm weather months offer a unique opportunity to get some special things done, whether it’s spending some time outside, firing up the grill, taking the kids out to play, or taking a trip to the beach. Sure, it’d be easy to just sit in the air conditioning and play video games when you’re not [...]

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