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Leesa Mattress

Like Casper, Leesa only sells online and passes its savings onto you. It has a full-refund return policy within 100 days of purchase. Each mattress has a 2″ breathable layer, 2″ memory foam and 6″ dense bottom foam. Hat Tip Link Link 2 Price: $525-$990 Continue Reading from the Source

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Finally, a car bed for adults

Filed under: Etc., Design/Style Were you ever jealous of the racecar bed that the rich kid down the street had as a kid? Or maybe Ricky Schroder’s on the totally-’80s TV show Silver Spoons? You probably thought the chance had passed since no spouse on this planet would ever let a bed shaped liked a [...]

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Casper Mattress

A mattress made of latex foam and memory foam. Casper sells its mattress exclusively online, cutting out the costs associated with traditional retailing to offer a product that’s up to three times cheaper than its counterparts. Hat Tip Link Price: $500-$950 Continue Reading from the Source

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Horse Head Pillow

Kropserkel has a pillow that The Godfather fans can’t refuse. The Horse Head Pillow is a life-size caricature of one of the nastiest movie props ever made, as seen in the 1972 classic. You can order a stuffed pillow or just the case.

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The Bedjet can warm or cool your bed better than room heaters, air conditioners or even electric blankets can. It can heat your bed in as little as three minutes and can be toggled via its remote control or a mobile app.

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