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DeviantArt Official Mobile App

The art-oriented social network finally has official mobile apps for iOS and Android. The official DeviantArt app matches the website’s overhauled design. Use them to browse galleries, upload art and follow other members. Link Link 2 Price: Free Continue Reading from the Source

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Apple should support games like “Papers, Please” for its own sake, if for nothing else

Apple has allowed an award-winning game to come to the App Store, but first it asked the developer to remove a section where players can choose to use a tool built into full-body scanners that allowed them to view nude subjects, because it was “pornographic.” The game is called “Papers, Please,” and it tasks players with becoming [...]

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This concert looks like the ultimate sensory overload experience

Refik Anadol sent us this video of his latest multimedia project—Visions of America: Amériques—done in collaboration with the Los Angeles Philharmonic at the Walt Disney Concert Hall. The awesomeness here is that conductor Esa-pekka Salonen is driving both the orchestra and the entire 3D projection with his hand movements: Read more… Continue Reading from the [...]

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These City Maps Are Made Out of Razor Blades and Mirror Shards

Damien Hirst loves to play provocateur. The artist makes mosaics with pharmaceuticals and sculptures with taxidermy. Now, for his latest series of paintings, he’s depicting cities in conflict. But look closer: What seem like innocent, black-and-white satellite images are crafted out of sharp, dangerous objects. Read more… Continue Reading from the Source

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How A Fake Video Game Screenshot Is Made

Consumers are smarter today than they used to be, but that hasn’t stopped video game publishers from releasing what have become known as "bullshots ", doctored images that are meant to show what a video game looks like, but end up being so modified and fancified they’re often nothing of the sort. Read more… Continue [...]

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Tales of Auto Elasticity

Illustrator and digital artist Chris LaBrooy made these amazing 3D graphics of trucks that look realistic… except they’re elongated and intertwined. He also made a similar series but with cars. Check out his gallery on his website. Hat Tip Link Continue Reading from the Source

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