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Kawaii Baseball Cards

A side project of Tofugu illustrator Aya, Kawaii Baseball Cards features baseball cards of MLB players, complete with stats and trivia, and animated gif versions. She also makes other MLB images as requested by her followers. Hat Tip Link Continue Reading from the Source

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Alex Gross: Future Tense

Alex Gross’ Future Tense series consists of paintings with a shallow and saccharine beauty, expanding upon “themes of consumerism, industrialization and the omnipresent media” and “our inability to exist in the present moment.” Hat Tip Link Link 2 Price: $30 Continue Reading from the Source

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The Keyboard of Isolation

In 2012 DDB Shanghai made this awareness campaign about Internet and computer addiction. The ad agency made a keyboard-shaped sculpture showing the likenesses of addicts and their loved ones trapped in the keys. Hat Tip Link Continue Reading from the Source

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This Printer Spits Out Messages That Actually Ignite and Self-Destruct

With a new data breach revealed every week, is it possible to safely share anything these days? Even passing notes in class risks a teacher intervention, unless you can smuggle this printer in your backpack. Clearly inspired by Mission Impossible, the messages it prints actually physically self-destruct just moments after leaving the machine, ensuring your [...]

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NYC Is Home to a Hyper-Real Simulation of a Massive Nevada Solar Plant

In the desert near Tonopah, Nevada, a circular sea of oversized mirrors— 10,000 mirrors—follow the sun, and direct its rays onto the power tower in the center of the Crescent Dunes solar energy plant. Now, in the middle of Manhattan, a computer-generated visualization of that scene glitters on an LED wall outside Lincoln Center. Read [...]

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The Artist Making Beautiful Snow Art With Simple Math and Footprints

You’ve probably seen Simon Beck’s masterpieces floating around the internet. Up close it looks like an army’s marched through the snow. But when you step back — way back — the texture turns into an extravagant design. Some look like snowflakes, some like elaborate fractals. They’re all made with just a compass, Beck’s feet, and [...]

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Cloud this: Adobe has been screwing art students out of the CS6 licenses they paid for

As expensive as education may be, it’s one of the few things in life that once you acquire it, nobody can take it away from you. But tuition often covers more than just the classes a student attends, and students and alumni at one of California’s most popular art schools are finding that these ancillary benefits [...]

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