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Classic Paintings Side-By-Side With Movie Shots That Look Just Like Them

Seeing these film shots from Empire of the Sun, Lost in Translation and Sexy Beast next to the paintings of Norman Rockwell, John Kacere and Marc Chagall is like seeing double. The film version are close versions of the original art. It’s obvious that Steven Spielberg, Stanley Kubrick, and Sofia Coppola get their inspiration from […]

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Not All Monopolies Are Ugly

It’s not cool when a giant corporation uses unfair business practices to dominate a market, but other monopolies aren’t so bad. It’s surprisingly enjoyable to use a Monopoly to your advantage when playing the classic board game, particularly when the board features the vibrant bold artwork of Romero Britto. Read more… Continue Reading from the […]

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Colette Hosts Kai & Sunny Exhibition Alongside Exclusive Element Collaboration

Visit the original post to see all 9 images from this gallery. London-based artist duo Kai & Sunny are holding an exhibition titled “My Eye On You,” at Colette in Paris. Alongside the exhibition, the pair partners with streetwear and skateboarding brand Element to release a limited edition capsule collection. The team will exhibit a series of new works […]

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This Guy’s Ugly Lego Creations Make Beautiful Shadow Art

With the lights on, John V. Muntean’s Lego creations look like something a five-year-old would build. “Look, mommy, it’s a horse!” But turn the lights off, shine a spotlight on these creations, and suddenly their real raison d’être is revealed; intricate shadow designs that change as each mass of Lego bricks is turned. Read more… […]

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