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Hydroceramic Walls Could Cool Buildings By Sweating Like Human Skin

Our reliance on air conditioning, however magical an innovation , has become a serious environmental burden. Which is why researchers in Barcelona designed a material they say can naturally cool rooms by about 5 degrees Celsius, using a moisture-absorbing polymer that "sweats" much like our own body. Read more… Continue Reading from the Source

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SimCity IRL: Be the Mayor Of Your Own Tiny 3D-Printed Metropolis

Automobile enthusiasts can collect die-cast cars, animal lovers can collect plush toys, but architecture fans can’t really collect towering skyscrapers or sprawling art galleries. And that’s what inspired Steve Fox, an architecture enthusiast himself, to create a collection of tiny noteworthy 3D-printed buildings that can be collected and assembled into a miniature metropolis. Read more… [...]

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Floating Building

Designed by Alex Chinneck, Take My Lightning But Don’t Steal My Thunder appears to be a stone building with its upper half suspended in mid-air. The polystyrene structure is actually supported by a thin steel frame at its corners. Hat Tip Link Continue Reading from the Source

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China’s President Wants To Ban Weird Buildings—And That’s a Huge Mistake

From smog-chomping supercities to giant penis skyscrapers , China has built its reputation on wild and wacky structures of late. But in a public speech last week, China’s president made a promise to his country: "No more weird architecture." No way! Here’s why we need to Keep China Weird. Read more… Continue Reading from the [...]

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Rotterdam’s New Farmers Market Looks Like the Inside of a Vitamix

Rotterdam’s just-completed Markthal, or Market Hall, is an innovative, sustainably designed building charged with delivering local, healthy food to the city center. But there’s one particular element of the structure that’s getting all the attention: An arching, technicolor tossed salad of a ceiling. Read more… Continue Reading from the Source

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The History of Architectural Photography Told In 16 Stunning Images

While humankind has been documenting buildings in various ways since the beginning of civilization, architectural photography is a relatively new phenomenon. And it turns out that even the process of training the camera specifically on architecture has evolved—from using buildings as backdrops to making them the main subjects of striking imagery. Read more… Continue Reading [...]

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This Award-Winning Architecture Photo Looks Straight Out of Sci-Fi

The focus with architecture is most often on the design of the building itself, but with most of us not able to jet around the world looking at pretty buildings, it’s photographs that build the vast majority of our impressions of design. That’s the (underappreciated) genre represented by the Arcaid Awards, which recognize the Architectural [...]

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