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A Cathedral-Like Cistern Beneath Houston Is Now Open to the Public

Public infrastructure is known for being utilitarian, uninspiring, and downright ugly. But not always. At first glance, this giant water storage system under Houston looks more like the pillared nave of an ancient cathedral. Now the lost space that’s larger than a football field is open for visits. Read more… Continue Reading from the Source

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How NYC’s Super Skinny Skyscrapers Stack Up Next to the World’s Tallest Buildings 

Over the last two decades, a new type of building has invaded New York City: The super skinny supertall known as a “super-slender.” This new generation of skyscrapers range from 50 to 100 stories, are almost uniformly filled with luxury housing—and some are wedged into the city with astoundingly tiny 45-feet-wide footprints. Read more… Continue […]

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Lego’s Next Architectural Masterpiece Is a Two-Feet-Tall Replica of Big Ben

Lego’s Architecture series gives adult fans the perfect excuse to keep buying the building toy—because they appreciate the design of the buildings, not because they secretly wanted to build spaceships. And while the new Lego Big Ben isn’t officially part of the Architecture line, at 23-inches tall it’s still an impressively-detailed recreation. Read more… Continue […]

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The World’s Fastest Elevator Will Zoom Up the Shanghai Tower at 45 MPH

The Shanghai Tower is still the world’s second-tallest building, just a few hundred feet shorter than Dubai’s Burj Khalifa. It already has the tallest observation tower —not that that’s stopped people from climbing even higher. As if it needed more to brag about, Shanghai Tower will be equipped with the world’s fastest elevator. Read more… […]

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These Minimalist Posters of Famous Libraries Want to Hang on Your Wall Just Beside the Bookshelf

Libraries are magical places, and even the smallest local branch over the corner deserves your attention, and you should pay a visit regularly. Artist André Chiote believes in the power of libraries, and has put together an astounding set of posters to celebrate their importance. Read more… Continue Reading from the Source

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These Bus Stops Leftover from the Soviet Union Are So Wonderfully Bizarre

The Soviet Union. The USSR. The Iron Curtain. The Eastern Bloc. Lenin. Stalin. The Communist Party. The KGB. The Cold War. And awesomely designed bus stops? Apparently and bizarrely and awesomely, that’s one of the legacies of the Soviet Union. Photographer Christopher Herwig’s excellent photo book Soviet Bus Stops documents the design of local bus […]

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Buckminster Fuller’s Biosphere Dome Might Get a Twin Made of Plants

Montreal’s Expo 67 was the most successful World’s Fair in history, a vision of the future laced with monorails and space-age architecture. Its stunning centerpiece was the Biosphere, a 250-foot tall geodesic dome designed by Buckminster Fuller, which remained on the site after the fair left town. For the 50th anniversary of the Expo, one […]

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Can You Guess How Much NYC Paid the Architect of the Most Expensive Train Station on Earth?

The World Trade Center Transit Hub—aka The (other) Oculus—has already gone down in history as the most expensive train station , ever. The grand total was $4 billion, about twice what it was supposed to cost, and more than the skyscraper adjacent to it. But there might be another record-breaking figure associated with this project. […]

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Carbon Fiber Noodles Could Save a Building From an Earthquake

Seismic retrofitting is a major endeavor that requires bracing and bolting an older building to its foundation so it doesn’t shake apart in an earthquake. But depending on a building’s age and what materials it’s made of, a traditional retrofit has the potential to destroy a structure in a different way—aesthetically. A Japanese company believes […]

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