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These Amazing Trompe L’oeil Illusions Bring Drab City Buildings To Life

Trompe l’oeil (literally “to deceive the eye”) is an ancient technique whereby a painter creates a visual illusion via a trick of perspective. French street artist Patrick Commecy is a modern master of this art form, working with his team of artists at A-Fresco to create huge, hyper-realistic murals on otherwise drab building facades. Read […]

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Facebook’s New Gehry Building Includes the World’s Least Functional Bike Bridge

In 2012, Frank Gehry and Mark Zuckerberg posed for a series of photos that sealed their intertwined fates: Gehry, arguably the world’s most famous architect , would design a new campus for Zuckerberg, arguably the world’s most powerful not-lizard person . Surely with all this money and talent coalescing like a hunk of molten aluminum […]

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Apparently It’s Possible to Live in an Apartment With Too Good of a View

A building boom of supertalls in New York City is resulting in some of the highest residential units in the world—we’re talking apartments that are at a dizzying 90 stories and higher. So where does that leave the people who live in the former-tallest residential buildings? Don’t worry, they’re just fine in their 80th floor […]

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A Cathedral-Like Cistern Beneath Houston Is Now Open to the Public

Public infrastructure is known for being utilitarian, uninspiring, and downright ugly. But not always. At first glance, this giant water storage system under Houston looks more like the pillared nave of an ancient cathedral. Now the lost space that’s larger than a football field is open for visits. Read more… Continue Reading from the Source

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