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Glass-Bottomed Pool Bridge

London, England’s Embassy Gardens housing development will be home to this 90 foot-long, 8 inch-thick glass swimming pool which will span two of the complexes 10-story apartment buildings, floating 115 feet off the ground. Hat Tip Link Continue Reading from the Source

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What the Oval Office Looks Like Empty

The Oval Office has a very pretty floor! You’d never know it based on most photos of the White House’s most famous non-square-shaped room, but the president spends his days walking on a Reagan-era design. It’s a heck of an improvement over the wood-grain linoleum of the Johnson years. Read more… Continue Reading from the [...]

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Frank Gehry Wants To Preserve the LA River’s Infamous Concrete Walls

Good news to those of you who still want to drag race, chase T-1000s, or, heck, even land small planes in the concrete banks of the LA River. Frank Gehry, the architect chosen for a controversial new master plan for the revitalized river, says he wants the cement walls to remain.http://gizmodo.com/frank-gehry-is… Read more… Continue Reading [...]

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Frank Gehry Is the Wrong Architect to Revitalize the Los Angeles River

Last month Los Angeles was promised $1.3 billion in federal funding to transform its river from a cinematic cement chute to an honest-to-goodness urban waterway. That great news has been tainted by today’s puzzling announcement that the city has tapped architect Frank Gehry to lead the redevelopment. It’s a really bad idea. Read more… Continue [...]

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ESCAPE Traveler

From the makers of the ESCAPE portable home comes one of the coziest RVs you’ll ever see. The Traveler has a cedar, glass and steel exterior and comes with a 30″ fridge, thermostat, water heater, and lots of possible add-ons. Hat Tip Link Price: $65K+ Continue Reading from the Source

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New Zealander’s Self-Built ‘Skysphere’ Is The Retreat Of Your Dreams

Being able to escape to your own personal haven, complete with beautiful views and peaceful seclusion, is one of many dreams many of us have. Enterprising Kiwi Jono Williams decided to make his perfect retreat a reality and three years and $NZ75,000 later, he’s ended up with the above creation, dubbed the “Skysphere”. Read more… [...]

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The World’s Deadliest Construction Projects, Visualized

The infrastructure being built for Qatar’s World Cup is using the most cutting-edge construction technologies. Yet due to the poor treatment of migrant workers, an estimated 4,000 people could die building it. A new timeline of construction deaths shows this inconsistency throughout history: Even though construction methods have improved over time, worker conditions don’t always [...]

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