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A Snake Got Trapped Inside an Endless Circle of Its Own Shedding Skin

Poor snake. This slithery Stimson’s Python somehow managed to shed its skin completely within itself. The tail, oddly enough, finished shedding inside the mouth of the snake, forming a perfect circle that unfortunately trapped the snake inside of its old skin. According to the Alice Springs Reptile Centre in Australia, the non-venomous snake was just […]

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Hundreds of Thousands of Giant Spider Crabs Littered Across the Ocean Floor Looks Like Hell

Real life is worse than nightmares because even in my worst dreams, my twisted imagination could never cook up seeing hundreds of thousands of giant spider crabs littered across the ocean floor. Just imagine yourself swimming in the ocean and being swallowed by the horde of crabs. Imagine all those creepy arms entombing you. Gah, […]

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