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How to Survive an Alligator Attack

Of all the wild animals found in the U.S., the alligator is one of the most intimidating. Its scaly skin, reptilian eyes, and sharp teeth make it look like an actual monster. The fact that they kill their prey with a move called a “death roll” doesn’t help dissuade fear either. But with a little […]

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Polar Bears Are Definitely Screwed

As Arctic sea ice flirts with its lowest levels in recorded history, polar scientists are taking the opportunity to remind us that it isn’t just humans who are screwed because of melting ice caps. Remember polar bears, global warming’s first darling poster child? They’re still around, and they’re not happy with what we’ve done to […]

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How to Survive a Mountain Lion Attack

Mountain lions—also known as cougars, pumas, catamounts, or Florida panthers—have razor sharp claws, can weigh over 200 pounds, and can run at speeds of up to 50 mph. These aren’t your normal neighborhood kitty cats. Here’s what you should do if you encounter one in the wild. Read more… Continue Reading from the Source

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How to Survive a Dog Attack

There are about 4.5 million dog bites every year in the U.S., according to the CDC. Nearly one in every five of those bites becomes infected (around 900,000), and between 1999 and 2007, dogs were the cause of 250 deaths. If you don’t count venomous insects, man’s best friend is one of the deadliest animals […]

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Giant Pandas Are No Longer Endangered

By the mercy of some higher power, the giant panda—an oversized mashup between a raccoon and a sloth whose offspring can’t shit on their own—is no longer endangered. At a meeting of the World Conservation Congress in Hawaii this weekend, experts took giant pandas off the IUCN’s official Red List, citing a population rebound in […]

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