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Mobile showdown: Revealing the drugs of choice and other insights into the interests of iOS and Android users

With mobile now the dominant computing platform, the platform war between iOS and Android remains a central battleground. Android may have won the masses, thanks in part to its ubiquity and availability on low-cost devices, but Apple appears to be winning the premium consumers. The question is, how accurate are these broad generalizations and how [...]

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Heartbleed continues to wound Android users

Researchers said on Tuesday that many Android applications are susceptible to the Heartbleed bug, which can allow hackers and government officials to gather data from online services, despite assurances that most Android users aren’t at risk. The researchers say these applications are vulnerable because their developers used their own OpenSSL libraries instead of relying on the library included [...]

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Contactive for Android

Contactive is an address book app for Android. It can identify unknown numbers using publicly available online data. You can also link your social network accounts to Contactive to get more info about your existing contacts. Link Link 2 Price: Free Continue Reading from the Source

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