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If the Techtopus wage theft suit proves anything, it’s that the philosophy that built the Valley is no more

In 2008, everyday folks learned that the top Wall Street banks were simply too big for the government to let them fail. In the Valley there was an overwhelming sense of smugness about our lack of protectionism. Here the young eat the old. We’d never ask for a government bail out. Everyone is subject to disruption. Indeed […]

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Ahead of FB’s earning announcement, new research shows just how addicted we’re getting

Facebook’s first-quarter announcement this evening promises a small moment of reflection following a frenetic few months for the company. Philosophical mysteries abound. We don’t know yet if Facebook will turn Oculus Rift into a tacky branded headset or if it will subsume WhatsApp into some evil plan to own the world. Will Facebook Paper end up […]

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Tired of ugly ecommerce images? Bonanza’s got you covered with Background Burner

Sometimes it’s the simple ideas that make the best products. It’s also the simple ideas that can be the most challenging to implement. So it was when ecommerce marketplace startup Bonanza set out to build an automated tool for removing the background from user-uploaded images; a tool that, one year of painstaking development later, would […]

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With $1.6M seed funding, UXPin wants to make design more collaborative

The tension between developing and designing is a long-standing dilemma for those building out any kind of software. It’s necessary to hew to best practices developing-wise, but a an aesthetically pleasing layout and design is just as important. Of course, this isn’t news for anyone who’s done this type of work. Yet it’s still a problem small companies face everyday…


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Ensighten raises $40M to take on Adobe and Salesforce, redefine the marketing cloud

If Series A rounds are meant to prove out a business model and Series B rounds are meant to scale it, then enterprise data and tag management startup Ensighten is poised to get much, much bigger. Today the agile marketing platform (AMP) company announced a stout $40 million Series B round led by Insight Venture Partners. In the four…


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Photoshop Express hits version 2.0 with redesign, KitKat compatibility

Photoshop Express

Simple interface gives you filters and level control in just a couple taps

Adobe has released a new version — now up to 2.0 — of its free Photoshop Express app with a new design and compatibility with Android 4.4. This latest version is “rebuilt completely from the ground up,” according to Adobe, and the interface certainly shows it. The layout is not at all unlike KitKat’s stock Gallery app, with easy tabs at the bottom to switch between editing modes and tools.

You can apply different Looks (filters), crop and rotate, go into more advanced level edits and correct red eye right from the main view. You of course have access to create automatic options on all levels or the entire photo, something Photoshop is known for offering.

Although it would seem like a perfect fit, Adobe has chosen not to make use of KitKat’s new Immersive Mode for editing photos — maybe this is on the drawing board for a future release. You can grab a download or update to the latest version of Photoshop Express at the Play Store link above and take your photography to the next level.

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Content is king: NewsCred raises $25M, its second monster round in 10 months

NewsCred has been on a tear the last 12 months. The company behind the hot content marketing platform has tripled its customer count, including the addition of a number of Fortune 500 companies, and increased its revenue by 400 percent in 2013, growing into what founder and CEO Shafqat Islam calls a “substantial double digit millions of dollars business.”…


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