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Cloud this: Adobe has been screwing art students out of the CS6 licenses they paid for

As expensive as education may be, it’s one of the few things in life that once you acquire it, nobody can take it away from you. But tuition often covers more than just the classes a student attends, and students and alumni at one of California’s most popular art schools are finding that these ancillary benefits [...]

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Adobe Brush for iOS

The new Adobe Brush app lets you make custom brushes out of anything you can take a picture of: a line, a pattern or even your face. You can then save and use your brushes on Photoshop CC, Illustrator CC and Photoshop Sketch. Hat Tip Link Link 2 Price: Free Continue Reading from the Source

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Adobe x Microsoft: The Future

Adobe’s concept video shows what it thinks will be the future of its applications in a world filled with touchscreens and mobile devices. The apps shown have convenient multitouch shortcuts and wireless interaction between devices. Link Continue Reading from the Source

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Adobe has refreshed the Elements editing-software-on-the-cheap, with updated versions of Photoshop a

Adobe has refreshed the Elements editing-software-on-the-cheap, with updated versions of Photoshop and Premiere. New features include intelligent editing and cropping tools, making it easier than ever to get that perfect Facebook cover/profile photo effect. Prices are $99 apiece, or $149 for the bundle, with discounts for Elements 12 owners. [Mac Rumors] Read more… Continue Reading [...]

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Five Best Tablet Styli

Tablets are great for apps, email, games, and more, but they can also be useful for note taking, annotations, or even drawing. When you start doing those things though, a good stylus is extremely useful to have. This week we’re looking at five of the best tablet styli, based on your nominations. Read more… Continue [...]

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Another day, another Chinese hack: 4.5M medical records reportedly accessed at national hospital operator

In the latest evidence that corporate and consumer data are constantly under attack, Nashville-based Community Health Systems revealed in August 18 filing with the SEC that 4.5 million patient records were accessed by hackers. The hospital operator points the finger at “Chinese hackers,” and describes the attack vector as “highly sophisticated malware.” The hack reportedly took place between [...]

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Facebook now drives almost one quarter of all web browsing

There will probably be no new or interesting angle with which to frame Facebook’s quarterly financial results tomorrow. For a seventh straight quarter, it will likely come out and beat all revenue expectations. In general, user growth is trending downward, but engagement, ad impressions and ad pricing have all been way, way up of late. At [...]

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Google snitches on sites that use Flash instead of embracing the future of Web tech

Google announced yesterday that it will begin warning smartphone users when a website in its search results relies on Flash and will suffer performance problems on the device. The warning is a not-so-subtle attempt to have website operators switch to newer technologies which don’t suffer from the same lack of support that Flash, which was incredibly popular in [...]

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Adobe Photoshop Mix

Photoshop Mix is a free iPad app for quick and light photo editing. It lets you apply filters, combine images and even use desktop tools like content-aware fill, straighten image and shake reduction through cloud computing. Link Link 2 Price: Free Continue Reading from the Source

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