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Five Best Tablet Styli

Tablets are great for apps, email, games, and more, but they can also be useful for note taking, annotations, or even drawing. When you start doing those things though, a good stylus is extremely useful to have. This week we’re looking at five of the best tablet styli, based on your nominations. Read more… Continue [...]

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Another day, another Chinese hack: 4.5M medical records reportedly accessed at national hospital operator

In the latest evidence that corporate and consumer data are constantly under attack, Nashville-based Community Health Systems revealed in August 18 filing with the SEC that 4.5 million patient records were accessed by hackers. The hospital operator points the finger at “Chinese hackers,” and describes the attack vector as “highly sophisticated malware.” The hack reportedly took place between [...]

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Facebook now drives almost one quarter of all web browsing

There will probably be no new or interesting angle with which to frame Facebook’s quarterly financial results tomorrow. For a seventh straight quarter, it will likely come out and beat all revenue expectations. In general, user growth is trending downward, but engagement, ad impressions and ad pricing have all been way, way up of late. At [...]

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Google snitches on sites that use Flash instead of embracing the future of Web tech

Google announced yesterday that it will begin warning smartphone users when a website in its search results relies on Flash and will suffer performance problems on the device. The warning is a not-so-subtle attempt to have website operators switch to newer technologies which don’t suffer from the same lack of support that Flash, which was incredibly popular in [...]

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Adobe Photoshop Mix

Photoshop Mix is a free iPad app for quick and light photo editing. It lets you apply filters, combine images and even use desktop tools like content-aware fill, straighten image and shake reduction through cloud computing. Link Link 2 Price: Free Continue Reading from the Source

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Adobe’s Digital Video Benchmark report shows that there is no television revolution

Adobe has confirmed what many suspected about the digital television revolution with a report showing that many people watching movies or television shows on their smartphones, tablets, PCs, and other devices are doing so with applications offered by television’s old guard. The report states that online video consumption through “TV Everywhere” services  – those allowing cable subscribers [...]

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If the Techtopus wage theft suit proves anything, it’s that the philosophy that built the Valley is no more

In 2008, everyday folks learned that the top Wall Street banks were simply too big for the government to let them fail. In the Valley there was an overwhelming sense of smugness about our lack of protectionism. Here the young eat the old. We’d never ask for a government bail out. Everyone is subject to disruption. Indeed [...]

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Ahead of FB’s earning announcement, new research shows just how addicted we’re getting

Facebook’s first-quarter announcement this evening promises a small moment of reflection following a frenetic few months for the company. Philosophical mysteries abound. We don’t know yet if Facebook will turn Oculus Rift into a tacky branded headset or if it will subsume WhatsApp into some evil plan to own the world. Will Facebook Paper end up [...]

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