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Russian hackers exploit vulnerabilities in Flash, Windows, to spy on gov’t officials

Researchers at the FireEye security company have issued a report stating that Russian hackers took advantage of vulnerabilities in Adobe Flash and Windows to conduct surveillance on military contractors, diplomats, and other targets. FireEye identifies the hackers as members of APT 28, an “advanced persistent threat” believed to have been active since at least 2007, [...]

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Adobe Slate for iPad

The new Adobe Slate lets you make simple interactive web pages or presentations on your iPad. It has a variety of themes and lets you add photos from various sources. Your page will look great whatever device is used to view it. Link Link 2 Price: Free Continue Reading from the Source

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Disable Flash

You know Flash? Haven’t thought about it in a while, have you. For good reason! It’s less useful and less relevant than ever. It’s worth thinking about it one last time though—as you go to disable it in your web browser. Here’s how and why you should. Read more… Continue Reading from the Source

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Growing Up With Photoshop

I don’t remember what the first thing I ever made in Photoshop was, much less why. What brought me to the software in 1996, at age thirteen, is a faded memory. But I’d like to think that I saw a power in learning its magic—even then, I knew it could conjure incredible things. Read more… [...]

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Gainsight grows revenue 357% as customer success becomes a key focus across the enterprise

With SaaS adoption exploding across the enterprise, it’s little surprise that the tools and platforms that support these businesses are seeing similar success. This is very much the case for Gainsight, the customer success company, which today announced that it grew revenue an astonishing 357 percent in 2014, while increasing its customer base to 150, [...]

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Digitize Your Doodles Into Adobe’s Apps With Moleskine’s New Notebooks

Despite there still being a place for old-school paper notebooks in anyone’s life, Moleskine is ensuring its products stay relevant as we become more and more dependent on digital devices. Today it’s introducing an Adobe Creative Cloud-branded Moleskine notebook and app that makes it easier to get your sketches, doodles, and brainstorms into Adobe Photoshop [...]

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We’re long overdue for replacing Social Security Numbers as our main identifier

CNN – and I don’t say this lightly – asked an interesting question today. (Yes, that CNN). Namely, “Why are we still using Social Security numbers (SSNs) to identify ourselves?” After all, they were originally issued solely to organize retirement benefits and the government explicitly stated that SSNs were not to be used for identification. [...]

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Can the studio model build a billion dollar company? Santa Monica’s Zuma Ventures is the latest to try

Accelerators are so 2011, or so it now seems. Few, save for Y Combinator, have managed to generate true venture caliber returns for the limited partner backers. And there’s only a handful who have shown themselves capable of consistently recruiting and graduating successful and sustainable companies. So its no surprise that many would-be investors are [...]

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