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Photographer Captures Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Steve Wozniak During Dot-Com Boom & Bust

The dot-com boom and subsequent bust was the most spectacular and formative periods in recent history, shaping much of what the current landscape of technology looks like. Photojournalist Doug Menuez was at the center of it all to capture the phenomenon. Afforded insider access to the most prominent figures in Silicon Valley during this time, [...]

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The Hundreds x Reebok Classic Ventilator “Zodiac” Pack

Reebok and The Hundreds reprise their relationship once again, coming together to execute two clever iterations of the Ventilator on the sneaker’s 25th anniversary. With a birthday in mind then, the two parties incorporated nods to the Brothers Hundreds’ respective zodiac signs, with Ben representing team Taurus and Bobby promoting the Aries sign. The Taurus shoe [...]

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The Hundreds x Reebok Ventilator “Zodiac” Collection (Official Images)

The Hundreds x Reebok Ventilator “Zodiac” Collection is one to make note of, astrology fan or not. In honor of the Ventilator’s 25th anniversary, Bobby and Bed Hundreds collaborated with Reebok on the model, using their zodiac signs as their guide. The first rendition of The Hundreds x Reebok Ventilator “Zodiac” Collection draws inspiration from Ben’s [...]

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The Covair Lets You Quickly Change Your Watch Face & Straps

The watch is undeniably an essential part of one’s wardrobe, with the modern renaissance man able to deftly mix and match different watches to different outfits for different occasions. However, not everybody is able to own several watches due to the prohibitive costs — this is where the Covair, a modular watch platform incorporating interchangeable straps [...]

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Chris Christie is Addicted to Fat and Sugar but Wants to Make a Harmless Plant Illegal

It is amazing that in 2015 we are still arguing about the legality of a plant that has not killed anyone in human history and has been scientifically proven to contain borderline miraculous healing properties.  However the obese, sugar and fat addicted bully-boy cum Presidential candidate Chris Christie is making the legality of marijuana a [...]

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