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Jason Vuic’s The Yugo Actually Makes You Kinda Love This Disaster of a Car

It’s both an 1980s icon and the butt of more jokes than you can reasonably imagine. Even today, its name brings a curl of disgust to the lip, associations with other words like “dud” and “lemon” and “shitbox.” It’s the Yugo, fondly —and perhaps incorrectly—remembered as the worst car in the world. And author Jason…Read […]

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Here Are Some Of The Incredible Cars Of The Bear Mountain Car Cruise

Jalopnik got bored earlier this week and decided to hit up the Bear Mountain Car Cruise, an enthusiast event that meets every Wednesday in the summer about an hour out of Manhattan. What we saw changed us forever, including an Alpine A110, Slantnose Porsche, Saab Sonnett, and a Toyota Sera that our hearts won’t let […]

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The Most Important Thing About The New Spider-Man Trailer Is That There’s A New Yugo

Did you know there’s a whole other Spider-Man series that takes place in a multiverse where each universe has its own version of Spider-Man? I’ll admit I was not aware of this arachnid-humanoid-related development, but I am now. There’s a new movie coming out about one of these Spider-verses, and, for our purposes,…Read more… Continue […]

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Happiness Is Stuffing A Big Nitrous-Fed V8 Engine In A Tiny Yugo

We here at Jalopnik have cracked the secret to true joy, and it involves a tiny Yugo, a big V8 engine and a nice afternoon of ice drags. This cute little Soviet Bloc hatchback reaches over 100 mph in the 1/8 mile. It’s just what we all need. Read more… Continue Reading at

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Everything That It Took To Get My Yugo To The Jalopnik Auto Show

Graunch. GRAUNCH. GRAAAAAAAAAAUNCH. The noise from the right rear wheel wasn’t going away. If anything, it was getting worse. It didn’t help that the engine was going nuclear, either. We were filming the New York episode of Car Vs. America, and my Yugo was going straight to hell.Read more… Continue Reading at

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