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Halo Infinite Multiplayer Might Be Free-To-Play According To Store Listing [Update: It Is]

A now-deleted description for Halo Infinite on the Xbox Series X pre-order registration page at the Smyths Toys website said the game’s multiplayer would be free-to-play and operate at up to 120fps on Xbox Series X. Read more… Continue Reading at

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CrossfireX’s Campaign Doesn’t Seem Like A Remedy Game Yet

During today’s Xbox event, Remedy Entertainment revealed the single-player campaign for CrossfireX, the next installment of a long-running multiplayer franchise developed by Smilegate Entertainment. Later, I sat in on a preview of a single mission, which lasted around 15 minutes. Even with the folks behind Alan Wake…Read more… Continue Reading at

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Clarifying Just How Exclusive The Xbox Series X’s Third-Party Exclusives Are

The idea of an “exclusive” has always been imaginary—or at least ephemeral—in the world of video games, but in 2020, it’s less real than ever. Today, Microsoft seemingly announced several new third-party Xbox exclusives. That are coming to multiple generations of Xbox. And also PC. And probably other consoles too, in…Read more… Continue Reading at […]

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Microsoft Sends Mixed Signals About Cross-Gen Exclusives

Microsoft showed off a number of first-party games during today’s big Xbox showcase, but contrary to previous statements by the company, it’s not clear how many of them will be coming coming to Xbox One in addition to next-gen’s Xbox Series X. Many games shown were listed just for Xbox Series X, not for Xbox […]

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Two Sega Legends Are Making A 3D Platformer For Square Enix

Today, during the pre-show for Microsoft’s Xbox Games Showcase event, Sonic The Hedgehog creator Yuji Naka, Sonic and Nights Into Dreams co-creator Naoto Ohshima, and publisher Square Enix announced Balan Wonderworld, a new action-platformer in which costumes unlock unique abilities.Read more… Continue Reading at

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