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Before Downloading, Ask Yourself How Much Time a New App Will Take Out of Your Life

I’m not on TikTok. Not even as a casual observer. Nor do I spend much time on Instagram or Facebook, these days. I do maintain a Twitter account, though at this point it’s write-only; I’m also part of both a professional and a social Slack, and in the latter case I deliberately limit myself to […]

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Use Friday to Plan the Following Week

Many of us have little rituals to help us transition out of the work week and make the weekend as relaxing as possible. Maybe you go to happy hour; maybe you order takeout; if you’re me, maybe you tidy up your apartment and light a scented candle.Read more… Continue Reading at

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How to Steal Time for Your Creative Work

Work-life balance for creative types is more like work-work-life. You’ve got to find time for both your work responsibilities and your non-work responsibilities, plus time for the people you care about and the communities you support, plus time for rest and recuperation, plus time for that big creative project you’re…Read more… Continue Reading at

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How Do You Deal With Long Hours at Work?

Most jobs require occasional overtime or after-hours work, but in some jobs and/or careers, long hours are the norm rather than the exception. If you’re working a job that regularly asks you to work beyond what you would consider a standard workday, how do you handle the workload—not to mention the work/life balance?Read more… Continue […]

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