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The Gwent Version Of This Witcher Boss Is Out Of Control

As a competitive card game, Gwent has a community of players that’s both completely devoted and perpetually grumpy. The latest target of that energy happens to be a card called Imlerith: Sabbath, a gold monster whose power was best demonstrated when it almost single-handedly won a recent match.Read more… Continue Reading at

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I Accidentally Got The Worst Ending In The Witcher 3

I recently finished the main plot of The Witcher 3. You might have been following my love affair with it through my stories on the topic, or my weekly “What Are You Playing” posts featuring Geralt in various states of undress. My reward for 110 hours of hard work? Accidentally being a terrible dad.Read more… […]

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Gwent Is The Witcher 3’s War-Weary Fatalism In Elegant Card Form

The Witcher 3 is one of this console generation’s best games. It might even be one of the best role-playing games ever made. Maybe it shouldn’t come as a surprise then that Gwent, its side-quest distraction turned standalone card game, is every bit as detailed, complex, and beautifully crafted.Read more… Continue Reading at

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