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Fallout: New Vegas Player Beats Game On Hardest Difficulty Without Killing Anyone Or Dying

There are self-imposed challenges, and then there’s gleeful masochism. This Fallout: New Vegas run looks like the latter. Rhetam, the gleeful masochist in question, played the game without allowing himself to do any direct lasting damage to anybody but himself. It took him more than a year to complete.Read more… Continue Reading at

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New Calculation Could Spell Trouble For a Popular Theory of the Universe’s Origin

The universe began. But what did it begin from? What did it begin into? We know it began by expanding rather quickly, and ended up with lots of big galaxies made from little particles. But what happened before then? What were the laws of physics like when it all started?Read more… Continue Reading at

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One of the Largest Jigsaw Puzzles in the World Made Harder as Video Game Stop Motion

“Wildlife” is a very big jigsaw puzzle. Clocking in 33,600 pieces, it ranks among the largest manufactured jigsaw puzzles in the world and will set you back almost 400 bucks. But if you think it’s hard enough to do on its own, imagine turning it into a stop motion movie of classic video games while […]

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