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Bulgaria Is A Great Destination For Masculine Men

I’m an American digital nomad guy who’s been living in Bulgaria for over a year, I’ve lived abroad for 6 years now in a couple of different countries and see more of a future for myself here than elsewhere. Bulgaria offers almost all of the quality of life, accouterments and conveniences that you’ll find in […]

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Iranian Thot Patrol: Instagram Skank Rightfully Gets Jail Time For Subversion

A story going viral throughout social media over the weekend involves ‘oppression’ against women in Iran. A recent case of a dancing attention whore on social media being arrested for her lascivious behavior has many, even some people on the right, up in arms. Iran has detained a teenager who made dance videos in her […]

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The Real European Union Is Based On Christendom

As someone who has written for various right-wing websites, I am only too aware of the deep need felt by white men across the West for an identity and community.  Indeed, these things are fundamental human needs, as Maslow pointed out in his famous ‘hierarchy of needs’ – needs which I have felt for as […]

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