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West Virginia Man Discovers Incredible 1967 Porsche 911 Buried Under A Fallen Barn

A thirty-seven year-old respiratory therapist and Porsche fan Mike Savina didn’t know what to expect when he arrived at a fallen barn not far from his home in West Virginia. He’d been told that there was, somewhere under the rubble, a classic Porsche 911, a vehicle he’d always dreamed of owning. That’s why Savina…Read more… […]

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Women Win Big in House Primaries Last Night

Last night’s primaries in Ohio, Indiana, North Carolina, and West Virginia garnered more attention for who lost rather than who won. In Ohio, Dennis Kucinich, the former Congressman and perennial Presidential candidate lost the nomination for governor this fall. Although his old presidential …Continue reading Continue Reading at

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Every Public School Teacher In West Virginia Is On Strike And Trump Hasn’t Said A Word About It

In case you hadn’t heard, Almost 20,000 public school teachers in West Virginia have been on strike since Thursday, closing down 680 schools and keeping home more than 277,000 students. They’re not doing this for fun. It began on Thursday, a day after West Virginia Governor Jim Justice, a …Continue reading Continue Reading at

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How West Virginia Lost the Workers’ Revolution

I had only been in West Virginia for a day when Josh Sword, the head of the state AFL-CIO, told me casually that a revolution is coming. He is not a particularly radical guy. He was just giving an honest, matter-of-fact reading of the political situation. “I don’t know how bad things have to get. […]

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