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All The Biggest Announcements From Nintendo’s Big September Direct

Today’s surprise Nintendo Direct offered 40 packed minutes of forthcoming Switch games, new content for old ones, and, er, teasers for forthcoming Directs about specific games like Smash and Animal Crossing. Below you’ll find all the big stories that came out of the presentation. Read more…

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Video Games Are Part Of Climate Change, Too

It’s hot! I don’t just mean in the sense that I am sweating while my window AC unit does its best to gasp cool air into my apartment; I mean that it’s historically hot. Last month was the warmest June ever in North America. In honor of the increasingly agonizing heat death of the planet, […]

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Why Video Game Loot Is So Addictive, According To The Creators Of Diablo

Colors mean different things to different people, but very specific colors mean the exact same thing to everybody who plays video games. You know the ones: gray, green, blue, purple, and gold. You covet the latter and revile the former. Loot is a universal language at this point, but it wasn’t always. On this week’s […]

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