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This Three-Wheeled Log Cabin Of A Car Was Supposed To Be Everywhere

The Martin Stationette was pitched as the American economy car of the future. It was supposed to make our lives better, our roads clearer, but only one prototype was ever built. That’s probably for the best. On this week’s episode of Jason Drives (I am writing the post for it because Jason is off doing stupid […]

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This Mystery Soviet Amphibious Vehicle Is Like The Colossal War-Isetta Of Your Dreams

Do you have recurring fantasies about transforming a humble Isetta into an octo-wheeled behemoth that can drive over or through anything, even water? And using that beast to make everyone who’s ever crossed you pay? Of course you have; you’re human. You’re also in luck, because such a vehicle exists, and it’s been…Read more… Continue […]

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