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Self-Driving Cars Won’t Deliver You Weed In California

Pizza? Sure. People seem keen to the idea of letting a robocar deliver a greasy pie to your door. Marijuana? Not so much—at least in California. The state’s Bureau of Cannabis Control issued emergency regulations last week that ban autonomous vehicles from delivering a bag of weed to you, reports Ars Technica.Read more… Continue Reading […]

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What to Know About Driving Under the Influence of Marijuana

Imagine a time when it wasn’t accepted that drunk driving made you more likely to get in an accident, when there wasn’t consensus about what constitutes drunk driving, nary a clue about how to measure your impairment, and no idea about whether anti-drunk driving laws were necessary or how they should work. All of this…Read […]

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Video Game About Pot Farming Is Fun Even If You Aren’t Stoned

In Bud Farms: Grass Roots, you’re farming bud in a fairly optimistic future where potheads have formed their own nation. While the game appears to be just another weed-themed Farmville clone, Bud Farms actually has a lot of heart.Read more… Continue Reading at

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Weed Microdosing Mice Study Brings Great News, But There’s a Catch

Microdosing weed has become a minor trend with humans lately, but the science on its actual benefits is fairly shaky. Now, in a newly published study by a group of scientists in Germany, evidence shows that older mice may experience a reversal of brain aging and a restoration of the ability to learn.Read more… Continue […]

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RiFF RaFF Announces New Weed Strain “Lamborghini Leg Lock” & “Red Carpet Kush” [Music Video]

RiFF RAFF unveils his new branded medical cannabis strains in the music video for “Lamborghini Leg Lock,” out today. Tryke Companies, operators of Reef Dispensaries in Nevada and Arizona, have partnered with the hip-hop artist to present these new lines. “Red CarpetKush,” is an uplifting, inspirational sativa, while “Lamborghini Leg Lock,” is a stunningly potent […]

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