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How to Opt Out of the Most Popular People Search Sites

People search websites are convenient for finding nearly anyone’s personal information—but not so much if you don’t want your own information, including addresses, family members, and known associates, available for all to see. Many of these services are free or cost very little, and they provide a really detailed…Read more… Continue Reading at

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The Best Websites and Web Apps for Making Use of Exactly One Hour of Free Time

It’s lunchtime—or maybe it’s just a break you’re taking from the world. Either way, you’ve got an hour to spare, and that could mean running errands or braving the outdoors, or it could mean snacking at your desk while idly clicking around the internet (employer IT policy permitting). If you’re looking for inspiration…Read more… Continue […]

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Automakers Need to Stop Doing This Sneaky Pricing Trick on Their Websites

When it comes to deciding on a new car, price isn’t everything. But it’s a big one. Almost everyone researches car online and even use an automaker’s website to configure a car with the options and features they want before going into the dealer. The problem is that some brands are a little bit sneaky […]

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Check Your Favorite Website’s Status Page if You Can’t Connect

A typical part of morning routine—right after the “really?” side-eye I toss at my smartphone alarm—is checking to see what’s new and good on a few subreddits I care about. Imagine my surprise this morning when Reddit started shooting out various error messages whenever I tried to pull up the site.Read more… Continue Reading at […]

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Uzi Nissan On How He Fought The Nissan Car Company And Won

Last month, we told you the story of Uzi Nissan, the small North Carolina businessman who ended up fighting off a $10 million lawsuit from Nissan Motor Company over his computer retail business website, Now, you can hear from Uzi himself on what exactly the automaker put him through.Read more… Continue Reading at

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Dark Patterns: How Websites Trick You Into Giving Up Your Privacy

Open up a web browser or power up a smartphone—pretty much essential for modern-day living—and you’re walking straight into a privacy minefield. That much you know. Especially after the news earlier this week that, a popular service that lets you unsubscribe from multiple email lists with a single click, was…Read more… Continue Reading at […]

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