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Watch This Guy Restore A Rusted Shell Of A MKIV Toyota Supra Into A Fully Functional Drift Missile

Toyota Supras are expensive. Like, really expensive. But if you’re willing to forego unnecessary luxuries like front body panels and a running engine, there are lots of cheap ones. With a bit of elbow grease, you can turn one of these shells into a fully running, tire-burning MKIV Supra.Read more… Continue Reading at

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We Quiz Borderlands 3’s Art Director On Video Game Screenshots

Here’s another dispatch from Tim Rogers at E3 2019. This time, Tim sat down (or kneeled down in this case) with Borderlands 3 art director Scott Kester and tested out just how many games he could identify by their screenshots alone. For more of Tim Rogers at E3, check out this handy YouTube playlist.Read more… […]

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