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The GOP Is Going After Marijuana Laws For One Pathetic Reason

by Kate Harveston At a time when it seems the GOP can’t agree on anything, they also can’t agree on marijuana laws. With the cacophony of crises and scandals swirling around Washington, you would be correct to think that how Americans use pot should be a rather low-priority issue for the Trump …Continue reading Continue […]

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Conservatives Are Still Really Confused Over Why Trump Isn’t More Popular With Darkies

The Washington Post’s Marc A. Thiessen is deeply confused. After a full year of Trump making America great again, why is he so unpopular? No, seriously, he really said this. Despite a year of achievements — including historic tax and regulatory reform, confirmation of conservative judges, …Continue reading Continue Reading at

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Yes, I Said We Need to “Move On” From the Russian Hacking Story

Let’s play a game. Imagine just for a moment what the front pages of newspapers or home pages of websites would look like if we removed articles about the hacking of emails in the 2016 election. Now go even further and imagine how a cable news hour and its line up of stories would be […]

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