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Meet the Hero Who Owns Two of the Biggest Auto Maintenance Nightmares of the Modern Era

Expensive Volkswagens don’t exactly have great reputations for reliability, serviceability, or cost of maintenance, so when the company decided to build the ridiculously feature-laden luxury cars known as the VW Passat W8 and VW Touareg V10 TDI, they, in some ways, unleashed two maintenance time bombs upon the earth.…Read more… Continue Reading at

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The Crazy Luxury Features That Make the First-Gen VW Touareg Such an Over-Engineered Nightmare

The first generation Volkswagen Touareg launched in 2002, but remains one of my favorite fancy off-roaders of all time because it was a genuine off-road beast and the most luxurious VW SUV ever. Sadly, that swankiness and off-road prowess comes at a cost, as they mean the SUV is filled with wacky luxury features that…Read […]

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