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MEMBERS ONLY: Mitch McConnell Doesn’t Want You To Vote

An epidemic is plaguing the Republican Party these days. For some reason, perhaps it’s their consciences or perhaps it’s the pressure of backstopping an incompetent nincompoop in the White House, who knows, it could be anything. Whatever the root cause, it appears as if the Republicans can’t stop …Continue reading Continue Reading at

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Incoming Wisconsin Governor To Undermine Lame Duck Bills

After incumbent Wisconsin governor Scott Walker lost re-election to Democrat Tony Evers last November, the Republican-controlled state legislature passed a controversial bill stripping key powers away from both Evers and incoming Attorney General Josh Kaul. Under the new rules, Republicans can …Continue reading Continue Reading at

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Democrats On Track To Flip 40th House Seat

On Election Night, networks called California’s 21st congressional district for incumbent Republican David Valadao over Democratic challenger TJ Cox. The district, which encompasses parts of Fresno as well as the Central Valley, the state’s largest agricultural region, has not elected a Democrat to … Continue reading

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MEMBERS ONLY: Mitt Romney: A Wolf In Sheep’s Clothing

Since the rise of Trump, it’s been tempting to revise our collective memory of the 2012 election and make Mitt Romney seem like a good guy. After all, he smiles a lot, he seems like a loving grandfather, and he did invent Obamacare. I’ve gone easy on him too: on my second day of grad […]

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