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Make Pickle Salt With Dill Stems and Vinegar

People seek out dill for its feathery, fragrant leaves, while the crunchy stems are largely ignored. They don’t have as much flavor as their leafy counterparts but, when pulverized and mixed with salt, you get a green, vegetal, pleasantly dill-scented salt. Combine that with a little powdered vinegar (sodium acetate),…Read more… Continue Reading at

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You Need to Get Some Squeeze Bottles in Your Kitchen

Control over your ingredients gives you control over the final dish, and squeeze bottles can help you become the master of your culinary domain. With them, you can put the exact amount of a liquid ingredient precisely where you want it, and they cost about a buck at restaurant supply stores.Read more… Continue Reading at […]

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Apple Cider Vinegar Isn’t the Miracle Elixir It’s Cracked Up to Be

Apple cider vinegar has been a multipurpose folk remedy for decades, touted as a disinfectant, a natural way to replenish skin and hair, and a superfood with all kinds of benefits. Science has backed a few of these purposes, for vinegar in general, but the observable results are pretty meh.Read more… Continue Reading at

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A Mason Jar Is the Only Tool You Need for Perfectly Emulsified Dressings

I put a lot of unnecessary items on my wedding registry, including a set of violently green margarita classes, but the most unnecessary item was this weird salad dressing bottle, which had a little handle you could squeeze to stir and emulsify the dressing. I honestly don’t know how it got on there, but I […]

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How to De-Stink Your Kitchen Without an Exhaust Fan

If your kitchen didn’t come with an exhaust fan, you may feel like you have to forgo cooking certain foods that tend to linger, smell-wise. Luckily, your frying and high-heat searing days are not behind you, as there are several strategies you can implement to de-stink and freshen up after a particularly pungent meal.Read more… […]

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