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What Kids Learn When All the Cartoon Bad Guys Have Foreign Accents   

It was confirmed last year, after much internet confusion, that Scar and Mufasa of The Lion King are indeed brothers. I am glad that’s settled. Now the only remaining head-scratcher is: Why the heck does Scar have a British accent when no other lion around has one? Was he educated at some British lion boarding […]

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A Brief History of Rappers Who Dress Like JRPG Villains

Last week, rapper Gucci Mane married Keyisha Ka’oir in a lavish ceremony. As I scrolled through his Instagram, something struck me about the way the couple was dressed. Mr. and Mrs. Gucci Mane, like many rappers and their significant others before them, looked like the villains in a JRPG.Read more… Continue Reading at

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