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Valve Responds To Debate Over Third-Party Dota 2 Tournament Streams

As the 2018 Dota 2 season kicks off, controversy had already begun to swirl around streamers who broadcast or commentate matches from tournaments they aren’t running. While Valve has responded to the issue, the answers ended up being more vague than some had hoped.Read more… Continue Reading at

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What Counter-Strike Mapmakers Think Of The New Dust2

Valve has once again tampered with the holy grail of Counter-Strike maps, Dust2. Long considered a gold standard not just for CSGO, but for multiplayer maps in general, it’s very difficult to tangibly improve without accidentally knocking the overall synergy of the map out of balance. Has Valve succeeded this time? I…Read more… Continue Reading […]

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A Closer Look At The Dust 2 Revamp For Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

Dust 2 is one of the most famous Counter-Strike maps of all time, and it’s coming back to the newest version of that game. Valve revealed a reworked version of the iconic bomb defusal map, and it’s looking pretty great.Read more… Continue Reading at

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To Really Appreciate Red Dead Redemption, Listen To It Closely

I don’t think people say that Mass Effect “feels like sci-fi,” or The Witcher “feels like fantasy.” But people do say that Red Dead Redemption “feels like a Western,” and I’m compelled to agree. Why? Listen to the game. Read more… Continue Reading at

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My Eight Biggest Steam Pet Peeves

Steam is perhaps the most monolithic gaming platform, the PC’s biggest show in town by a long shot. It’s also a multi-layered mess of systems and ideas, a Frankenstein UI (FrankenstUIn) assembled from limbs whose purposes are dimly remembered at best. It annoys the piss out of me sometimes, is what I’m saying.Read more… Continue […]

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Valve’s Solution To Steam Review Bombing Is To Add Charts

For years, Steam has struggled with the issue of review bombing, where large numbers of users leave negative reviews on games’ pages, often because of controversial subject matter or news that doesn’t actually impact the game’s quality. Today, Valve finally addressed the problem. Sorta. Read more… Continue Reading at

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