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Kygo raises more than $110,000 for LGBTQ charities with UTOPIA live show

Earlier this summer, Kygo made his highly anticipated return to NYC during Pride Month to share a new live concept called UTOPIA. The event benefitted a number of LGBTQ charities and organizations, and with performances by Kiiara, Cirque du Soleil, JHART, Danny Verde, and more, the show proved to be one of the electronic highlights […]

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Exclusive: Dombresky shares boogie-inducing Splash House playlist

Ahead of his debut Splash House appearance in August, Dombresky has provided Dancing Astronaut with a house-healing playlist as he gears up for the Palm Springs performance. Dombresky has been an omnipresent force in the French house scene as of late — with singles like “Utopia” and “Hostyl,” a collaboration with fellow Frenchman, Malaa, permeating […]

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Joris Voorn delights in euphoric take on Digitalism’s ‘Utopia’

Joris Voorn officially released his rework of Digitalism‘s “Utopia,” and listeners can now relish in his set staple’s utter aural bliss. “Utopia” is a unique reframing of the single off Digitalism’s 2016 album, Mirage. Voorn’s emotive impact lies in a euphoric chord sequence and spine-tingling arpeggio’s cathedral-like sense of scale. Cordial, polished, and insatiably addictive, “Unique” is an elevating track with a collected […]

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Mother Divine, Leader of a Shady Celibacy Cult, Has a Shockingly Small FBI File

We’ve looked at a number of different cults and cult leaders here at Paleofuture, and they usually have pretty hefty FBI files. Synanon? 346 pages. The Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh? 591 pages. But a cult leader who recently died this past March has a shockingly small FBI file. How small? Just six pages.Read more… Continue Reading […]

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