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How to Get a Better Boarding Group on a Flight

To board an American Airlines flight before any other passenger, you’ll have to spend at least $45,000—at least, that’s the rumor surrounding the airline’s highest elite status of “Concierge Key” members, who are brought in on a secret, invitation-only basis⁠. (With the status, passengers also earn perks like access…Read more… Continue Reading at

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United Airlines to Resume Putting Cats and Dogs in Cargo Holds This July

United Airlines has announced that it will allow cats and dogs to travel in the cargo holds of its planes again starting this summer. Earlier this year, the airline suspended its cargo hold pet program following two high-profile incidents involving dogs on its flights, one of which died. United is partnering with…Read more… Continue Reading […]

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After Puppy Dies in Overhead Bin, United Airlines Mistakenly Sends Different Dog to Japan

United Airlines did a very sad, regrettable thing this week when its attendants insisted a passenger store their 10-month-old French bulldog in the overhead bin on a flight from Houston to New York, resulting in said puppy’s untimely death of probable suffocation. In the second story casting doubt on the airline’s…Read more… Continue Reading at […]

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