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Amazon Customers Buy Nintendo Switch, Get Sent Condoms, Tambourines & Electric Toothbrushes Instead

There are reports coming out of the UK that at least a dozen people who bought a Nintendo Switch as part of Amazon’s Black Friday sales did not get sent a Nintendo Switch. Instead, they’ve received everything from air freshener to photopolymer resin instead.Read more… Continue Reading at

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Jewish Professor’s Office Vandalized By Anti-Semites

Professor Elizabeth Midlarsky had her office at New York’s Columbia Teachers’ College vandalized with Nazi swastikas this week. She also found the Jewish slur “Yid” painted on her office door.  Midlarsky, who has applied her training as a clinical psychologist to the field of Holocaust … Continue reading

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Hero Caught Giving Finger To Speed Cameras Thrown In Jail For Laser Jammer

Speed cameras are an intrusion of a fascistic surveillance state on the motoring public, but perhaps even worse than that, they don’t make roads any safer. They’re just a money grab. But when one heroic British motorist decided he’d had enough with The Man, hooked up a laser jammer and gave those cameras the finger,…Read […]

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The Best London Tips From Our Readers

I’ve got a lovely bunch of London hacks, bum-ba-be-bum. Here they are a-quoted all below. Your Hack Your City columnist is on Dayquil today, and just conscious enough to guide you through the best tips for London, collected from our smart and probably beautiful readers earlier this week. Go look at the whole thread,…Read more… […]

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How to Become British Royalty

As literally everyone now knows, Britain’s Prince Harry is engaged to marry Meghan Markle, from USA Network’s Suits, carrying on the House of Windsor’s tradition of marrying out of one’s league. Markle isn’t British nobility, or British anything at all, as she was born in L.A. to two Americans. But she’s snapped up…Read more… Continue […]

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Kim Kardashian Deletes Inappropriate Tweet on Manchester Bombing After Fans Backlash

Kim Kardashian is once again in the middle of backlash from fans for being conceited, insensitive, and inappropriate. This time around, the reality star/fashion mogul is forced to delete her condolence post to friend Ariana Grande who’s Manchester stop of World Tour resulted in a tragic terrorist bombing. After Monday’s tragic loss of 22 victims […]

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