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Speedrunner Tries To Complete GTA San Andreas While Viewers Activate Cheat Codes To Stop Him

Earlier this month, speedrunner Hugo One streamed himself trying to beat Grand Theft Auto San Andreas. But he made it possible for his viewers to, at any point, activate cheat codes using Twitch chat. The end result is a hilarious speedrun filled with some wild moments.Read more… Continue Reading at

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Programmer Puts $50,000 On Stock Market, Lets Twitch Decide What To Do

Yesterday, “playing the stock market” took on a whole new meaning. On new Twitch channel Stock Stream, Amazon engineer Mike Roberts entrusted his $50,000 savings to the chaos that is Twitch chat, where thousands of anonymous users invest it in what they please.Read more… Continue Reading at

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Twitch Users Are Playing the Stock Market With $50K of One Dude’s Money

One of the most consistently entertaining features of the video game streaming platform Twitch is the series of “Twitch Plays” videos that allow users to work together to beat a game. Today, a software developer who is either a genius or a fool launched StockStream, a channel in which users are trying to beat the…Read […]

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