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How to Switch to Twitter’s New iOS ‘Dark Mode’

Twitter announced today that its iOS app has a few expanded options for Dark Mode, if you’d prefer to not go blind by staring at the app’s regular white background all day long. You now have two options to pick from—“Dim” mode, which combines black and darker grays, and “Lights out” mode, which sets your background […]

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Get Ahead of Twitter Harassment by Checking Your Lists

Being harassed on Twitter is never fun. And it can happen to you whether you’re already a decently well-known figure with that blue check mark of authenticity, an up-and-comer in the world of online witticisms, or if you came up with a single tweet that blew up beyond your wildest expectations. Or, of course, if…Read […]

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Did Sean Spicer Tweet a Nefarious Bitcoin Address in January?

Press Secretary Sean Spicer had a tough day today. If you listen to the feckless mainstream media, he ran from the White House press corps this afternoon in order to avoid questions about bizarre interviews Trump has been giving. But, if you listen to the #russiagate sleuths, he ran because the lid had been blown […]

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