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MEMBERS ONLY: Trump’s Personal Lawyer Just Screwed Himself

Stop me if you’ve heard this one before. A lawyer walks into a bar, orders a drink and explains to the bartender that he just paid $130,000 in hush-money — out of his own pocket, no less — to silence a porn star who somehow managed to fuck the lawyer’s client, who, by the way, […]

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The Connection Between Trump’s Hair And Rape

The discussion about Donald Trump’s hair creeps into conversation often enough — or depending on which way the wind blows. And the winds were strong the other day when Trump boarded Air Force One to head to Mar A Lago. This resulted in a lot of commentary on his questionable back of head baldness. …Continue […]

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Donald Trump’s Porngate Scandal Is Worse Than It Appears

Donald Trump’s life represents the worst ramifications of money, fame and white male privilege. It’s already public record that Donald Trump is an unrepentant sexual predator and disgusting human being. But the latest news stories are another manifestation of Trump’s lengthy history of scandal, …Continue reading Continue Reading at

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Hollywood’s #TIMESUP Needs to Apply to Trump Next

by Michele Zipp Just about everyone with a moral compass wore black to the Golden Globes on Sunday evening in a show of protest against sexual assault and harassment. It’s one of the many responses to the #MeToo movement and its follow up #TimesUp. The drivel of “who are you wearing” was replaced …Continue reading […]

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Trump is Now Blaming Democrats For His Sexual Assaults on Women

Liar in Chief Donald Trump took to Twitter this morning to propagate yet more lies about the women he sexually assaulted by lying about the Democrats and lying about the motivations of the women accusing him who are now demanding a Congressional investigation into his behavior:  The White …Continue reading Continue Reading at

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The White House Denies Trump Sexually Assaulted Women, Despite The Videotape Evidence

Donald Trump is an unrepentant monster. Most Normals know it and we have videotape to prove it. I mean, there’s hard core evidence to prove a wide variety of Trump’s misdeeds and atrocious behavior. Specifically, in terms of his sexual misconduct, there’s tape of that, too.  I’m not …Continue reading Continue Reading at

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