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Sweet Home Alabama

Last Tuesday, Alabama voters sent a message to the world: “If we are forced to choose for U.S. Senator between an upstanding former Democratic prosecutor and a racist, sexist, anti-Semitic, homophobic Republican pedophile, with thousands of volunteers and millions of dollars flooding the state on …Continue reading Continue Reading at

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Dear Kellyanne Conway, You are Going Straight to Hell

Dear Kellyanne,  It came to my attention today that you are now vigorously defending president Trump’s decision to endorse accused pedophile and sexual deviant Roy Moore for the Senate in Alabama. When Chris Cuomo stated that “it seems like you have no standards of morality, that it’s all …Continue reading Continue Reading at

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If Roy Moore Wins, The Pro-Life Movement in America is Finished

For anyone who has spent time in rural America, the notion that the pro-life movement is going to disappear in the near future is completely ridiculous. It is well funded, well organized and as culturally acceptable in red states and rural areas as gay marriage is in San Francisco. However, the …Continue reading Continue Reading […]

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Roy Moore Campaign Trots Out Latest Defense: “Many Women Who Weren’t Molested”

I genuinely believed this could never happen in a supposedly civilized country like America. If electing a sexual predator to the presidency wasn’t bad enough, Republicans in Alabama are now working diligently to put an accused pedophile into the Senate, and trotting arguments out like …Continue reading Continue Reading at

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