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Trump Lobbied Against Sprinklers That Would’ve Prevented Death At His Building

Last weekend, a fire broke out on the 50th floor of Trump Tower in Manhattan, injuring six firefighters and killing 67-year-old resident Todd Brassner. The President took to Twitter that evening to congratulate the brave firemen who safely contained the blaze. The tragic irony is that this fire …Continue reading Continue Reading at

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Fox News Is Having An Existential Meltdown After Confirming Trump Wanted to Fire Mueller

An amazing thing is happening over at Fox News in the wake of the report yesterday that Donald Trump attempted to fire Robert Mueller back in June of last year. Parroting the president’s assertion that it was a “typical New York Times fake story” hosts on the network immediately dismissed it is …Continue reading Continue […]

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The Winner Of Trump’s “Fake News” Award Wasn’t Fake And Wasn’t News

When you combine the organizational skills of Donald Trump and the web expertise of the RNC, you get 2018’s “Fake News Awards,” — an event that crashed quite literally as soon as it was launched (via The Daily Beast):   The Republican National Committee on Wednesday night …Continue reading Continue Reading at

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