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John Bolton Does Not Understand America’s Role In The World Anymore

When Donald Trump hired John Bolton as national security adviser, Europe and the rest of the world understood immediately what it meant: the return to George W. Bush style foreign policy and a withdrawal of America as a reliable partner to negotiate with.  Bolton, a psychopathic war …Continue reading Continue Reading at

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Everything That’s Wrong with National Security Adviser John Bolton (Besides His Mustache)

by Kate Harveston You can learn a lot about a person from their mustache. President Donald Trump was hesitant about hiring John Bolton for the position of National Security Advisor because of his walrus-like facial hair. Bolton is a questionable character to fill any top role in Trump’s cabinet. …Continue reading Continue Reading at

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‘We’re All Going To Die’ And Other Reactions To The Reemergence Of John Bolton

Donald Trump crossed another line this week by naming John Bolton to be his next national security adviser. The semi-well known mustachioed pundit and former Bush era co-architect of the Iraq War, not to mention other foreign policy blunders, becomes yet the latest maniac to join Trump’s effort to …Continue reading Continue Reading at

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