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Trump’s Obsession With Blowing Up Iranian Boats Could Have Started World War III

A story published in Axios has revealed the full extent of president Trump’s idiocy when it comes to America’s foreign policy. Due to an obsession with blowing up Iranian boats, Trump quite literally almost started World War III, and was only prevented from doing so by then-Defense …Continue reading Continue Reading at

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John Bolton Does Not Understand America’s Role In The World Anymore

When Donald Trump hired John Bolton as national security adviser, Europe and the rest of the world understood immediately what it meant: the return to George W. Bush style foreign policy and a withdrawal of America as a reliable partner to negotiate with.  Bolton, a psychopathic war …Continue reading Continue Reading at

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MEMBERS ONLY: The Iran Deal And How The 2018 Midterms Could Be A Repeat Of 2002

Donald Trump made perhaps his most fatal foreign policy blunder so far this week by signing a memorandum authorizing the U.S.’s resumption of sanctions against Iran, violating the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), also known colloquially as the Iran Deal. Trump’s horrendous …Continue reading Continue Reading at

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Trump Burns Down Iran Nuclear Deal Because A Black Man Negotiated It

If you want to understand why president Trump just burned down a carefully negotiated, internationally binding nuclear arms deal with Iran and put global stability in grave danger, look no further than his racism towards President Obama.  Today, Trump announced that he will impose “the …Continue reading Continue Reading at

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Robert Reich’s Conversation With Republican Colleague Should Frighten the Goddamn Life Out of You

Yesterday, former Secretary of Labor under President Bill Clinton Robert Reich posted a truly terrifying account of a conversation he had with an old friend, an unnamed former Republican Congressman. It’s nothing short of terrifying, and further proof that the United States is facing a catastrophic …Continue reading Continue Reading at

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Trump Tweeted About Fake Iran Missile Launch Proving Again He is Unqualified to be President

In yet further proof that Donald Trump should be removed from the White House as fast as humanly possible, the president tweeted that Iran “just test-fired a Ballistic Missile capable of reaching Israel,” when in fact they did nothing of the sort. Reported The Daily Beast: Reports of an …Continue reading Continue Reading at

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