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Michael Flynn’s Sentencing Memo Should Terrify Trump

Yesterday, Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s office released both a sentencing memo and a heavily redacted addendum regarding former National Security Adviser Gen. Michael Flynn. He recommended a “sentence that does not impose a term of incarceration,” because …Continue reading Continue Reading at

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Stormy Daniels Spanked Trump with a Forbes Magazine Because He is Ashamed of Sex

Note: Last night on 60 Minutes Stormy Daniels recounted the story of her 2006 one-night-stand with President Trump and the intimidation that followed at the hands of his lawyers. One of the earliest stories to come out of this scandal when it broke was the fact that she claimed to …Continue reading Continue Reading at

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The President of Turkey Just Seized More Autocratic Power, So Trump Called to Congratulate Him

Back in March, major news outlets reported on a story that, on the surface, seemed insane. Former CIA Director, James Woolsey, alleged that he attended a meeting in September, 2016 with officials from Turkey and Donald Trump’s foreign policy mentor, Mi…

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