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MEMBERS ONLY: Nancy Pelosi Has Checkmated Trump

(Image via AP) In a matter of weeks on the job, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has managed to checkmate Trump over his government shutdown in spectacular fashion. Not only has Pelosi refused to back down from Trump’s childish threats over his border wall, she has managed bullied the bully and forced …Continue reading Continue Reading […]

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Let’s Take the “Partial” out of “Partial Government Shutdown”

We are exactly where we belong. Not necessarily as individuals, but collectively for sure. The extended partial shutdown of the federal government is the logical conclusion not just to the first (and hopefully only) half of the Trump presidency, but to the past several decades of American history. …Continue reading Continue Reading at

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Major Networks Shamefully Agree To Give Trump Free PR On Shutdown Address

The government shutdown over president Trump’s border wall is a crisis manufactured by one person: Donald Trump. Outside of his rabid base, literally no one wants the giant concrete wall he has been promising, including most of the GOP.  Unfortunately for the rest of the nation, Trump has …Continue reading Continue Reading at

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Trump Brags That Former Presidents Agree With Him On Border Wall. They Don’t.

Last Friday, president Trump claimed that some former Presidents of the United States told him they agreed with building a wall along the US border with Mexico.  “This should have been done by all of the presidents that preceded me,” said Trump. “And they all know it. Some of them have told me …Continue reading […]

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Trump Admits Creating ‘Urgent Humanitarian Crisis’ On Border In Shutdown Negotiations

In the latest offer to Congress to get his border wall funded, Trump added what he no doubt believes is a “sweetener” to help Democrats end the government shutdown. That sweetener, however, is an explicit acknowledgment that the he deliberately created a humanitarian crisis on the border with …Continue reading Continue Reading at

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Donald Trump’s Most Shameful Ordeal

As if the tragedies and national indignities foisted upon the world by Donald Trump haven’t been damaging enough, the president and his personal Wormtongue, the dead-eyed Stephen Miller, chose to allow the U.S. Border Patrol to launch tear gas at Central American refugees at the border, including …Continue reading Continue Reading at

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