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Mitt Romney Hopes People Don’t See That He’s Just Like Trump

Mitt Romney has crept back into the national headlines again due to a highly critical op-ed piece in the Washington Post about Donald Trump. In typical fashion, we’ve had media types like Joe Scarborough, Ezra Klein, #NeverTrumpers like Max Boot and historians like Walter Isaacson fawning over his …Continue reading Continue Reading at

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Trump Burns Down Iran Nuclear Deal Because A Black Man Negotiated It

If you want to understand why president Trump just burned down a carefully negotiated, internationally binding nuclear arms deal with Iran and put global stability in grave danger, look no further than his racism towards President Obama.  Today, Trump announced that he will impose “the …Continue reading Continue Reading at

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Quote of the Day: There is Now No Difference Between Conservatism and Conspiracy Theory

The most troubling aspect of Donald Trump’s presidency for most rational observers isn’t necessarily the policies he advocates. While they are awful by any objective standards, his (few) legislative achievements can be reversed when the next president is elected. It is however Trump’s war on truth …Continue reading Continue Reading at

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