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The New GOP Health Care Repeal Plan is the Most Terrifying of Them All

As Brit living in America, it is difficult to express the horror I feel when watching politicians play political football with people’s health care. While there are fierce debates as to how to fund the NHS, the notion that someone could not get health care because they couldn’t afford it is …Continue reading Continue Reading […]

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The Trump Administration is Officially Causing Health Insurance Premiums to Skyrocket

Rather than work with Democrats to reform Obamacare so that it works more efficiently, covers more people, and keeps the cost of care down, Trump and the GOP have engaged in a terrifying “burn it to the ground and offer nothing as a replacement” strategy that has failed on multiple levels. Not …Continue reading Continue Reading […]

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Obama’s Blistering Post on Republican Health Care Bill Must Be Read by Every American

The only way to stop the GOP from wrecking health care in America is to get as much information out about their ludicrous plan as possible, and then act on it by demanding your congressman or woman doesn’t vote for it.  Yesterday, President Obama weighed in on the bill proposed by Republicans …Continue reading Continue […]

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